WEIRDLAND: Coming Soon Zodiac

Friday, November 17, 2006

Coming Soon Zodiac



penny lane said...

I think we are in for one scary movie! The cast looks great (not just Jake). Such a long wait for the Americans and Europeans (who will no doubt be waiting even longer!)...grrr.
Great pictures you posted there Kendra - love the top one especially!
I am consoling myself with trying to find Jake's older movies that I have not seen yet - last night I watched 'Highway' and you know what?! I thorougly enjoyed it and
will have to see it again soon! I thought the chemistry between Jared Leto and Jake was pretty good and believable. Some of the dialogue absolutely made me crack up..!
'Bubble Boy' is next!

gr77 said...

amazing trailer.i think this film it's going to be unique,scary and funny at the same time.the acting will definitely be great.especially jake and robert look perfect for their roles.
i don't like the music very much though