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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kirsten's Co-Stars


We asked Dunst to dish on her impressive list of hunky co-stars. [USA WEEKEND, October 2005]

ORLANDO BLOOM -- "Elizabethtown" [2005]
"What people don't know is he's such a dork! I saw your magazine cover [USA WEEKEND, April 29-May 1, 2005], and he looked really cool. I wish people would stop trying to make him that way. He's so sweet and goofy, and he loves his dog. It's the way he walks; it's not putting on airs and acting however he feels. And [filming in Kentucky] there were so many crowds, and mostly girls who wanted to see Orlando. I was like, 'OK, Orlando, I'll be in my trailer!' "

PAUL BETTANY -- "Wimbledon" (2004)
"He's so wise and so ethereal, too -- it's amazing. He has a delicate way about him. But he's also strong. He made me laugh -- but it's very English humor, which I wouldn't always get. I'd be like, 'What? The bollocks, what?' "

TOBEY MAGUIRE -- the "Spider-Man" movie series
(2002, 2004 and 2007)
"I thought Tobey was adorable. We have incredible chemistry. We've been on a long journey, and we're friends. In fact, this [pointing to her necklace, a delicate gold leaf on a gold chain] is Tobey's girlfriend Jen Meyer's new jewelry line. I love it."

JOSH HARTNETT -- "The Virgin Suicides" (1999)
"I didn't think he was good-looking enough after seeing his head shot. I said, 'Sofia [Coppola, the director, who also cast Dunst to star in next year's biopic, Marie-Antoinette], are you sure?' But then I met him, and I was like, 'OK, very, very good choice, Sofia!' I was a little intimidated."

DUSTIN HOFFMAN and ROBERT DE NIRO -- "Wag the Dog" (1997)
"Robert was a little more serious and reserved. Dustin was definitely the more gregarious one, very flirty and fatherly. He kept trying to hook me up with his son, Jake. And [Jake and I] actually went out a little bit."

TOM CRUISE and BRAD PITT -- Interview with the Vampire (1994)
"Tom [produced] 'Elizabethtown.' He ran up and gave me a big hug; he has always been so proud of me. He acts very protective.
In the movie, Dunst, then 11, kisses Brad Pitt. She later said, "I hated it. It was gross! It was like kissing your brother. His lips were so dry." Today, she balks at the subject. "That's so in the past, and I was so young, and it was so not a big deal to me! When I see Brad, it's like, 'Awww!' It brings back a sentimental thing for me.

MARK RUFFALO -- "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004)
"He's probably my favorite. He brought out so much in me. My vulnerable side ... it's very easy with him. One day we were jumping on the bed in our underwear [for a scene], and it wasn't awkward. We had so much fun." Source: USA Weekend
thanks to Penny Lane!

-New Woman magazine Test: "Tell us a secret"
-Kirsten Dunst: "I have a crush on Mark Ruffalo. But don't tell anyone!" -New Woman Magazine, May 2004.


gr77 said...

i'm trying so hard to like Orlando Bloom,but it isn't working :p
Paul Bettany on the other hand is a brilliant combination of talent and good looks!!

Simon Agent 002 said...

"Wag the Dog"?

jacknastygirl said...

hey, but where is Jake ;)
there are new pics on iheartjake

I like Paul Bettany, he played in "Knights Tales"

I'm totally lost in dlisted world
soooo funny

Kendra said...

I wish she had shared screen with Jake. That would have been adorable. Orlando is cute at best, but a bit dull, Paul Bettany is married to the biggest crush of my boy, Jennifer Connelly.

Simon, Wag the Dog" is a light, interesting political satire about how to start a war in order to avoid public curiosity on the president's personal incidents, although Kirsten's appearance was one scene, in which she was a Bosnian girl for a media montage.

Hey, Jacknastygirl, I haven't forgot Jakey, check next post ;)

penny lane said...

Never saw The Kiss of the Vampire. Got the DVD of Wimbledom and Elizabethtown, but have yet to watch them.
(P.S. Kendra, finally saw 'Devil's Arithmetic' - saw it was made in 1999 and based on a novel by the same name. I thought it was too 'clean' for a subject like the Holocaust, but I think it was directed at a young audience and if it got some young people interested in what happened in WWII and made them look for other books and films on the subject, then it served its purpose well). Kirsten was good but Brittany Murphy outshines her in this movie.

Kendra said...

Does Brittany Murphy outshine Kirsten? Weird... but the film theme seems interesting, really I'm not into downright realistic Nazi genocide films (I think documentaries about Holocaust were terribly explicit). I hope you watch soon these three films, because they belong to very different genres: "Interview with the Vampire" isn't a favourite mine in horror genre (I don't know why but I don't get at all that vampire sex-appeal everybody talks) but its narrative is shocking! "Elizabethtown" was for many a disappointment, seen as a patronizing story, but I think if you roll your eyes in some scenes (specially when Orlando Bloom fails in his acting), you'll fall in love with one of the most romantic/vulnerable characters that Kirsten has played in her career. Plus a great soundtrack, trademark by Cameron Crowe. "Wimbledon" was a tad boring for me, because it focuses too much in the tennis tournaments, and sometimes I felt the relationship between Kirsten and Paul was contrived (almost more ridiculous than touching the airport scene when Lizzie (kiki) listens to those tender romantic words by Peter (Paul) through a TV interview after their strife, my dad liked it because he is a tennis matches fan. Plus: Austin Nichols plays another tennis player who embarrasses Lizzie.

jacknastygirl said...

I really get that vampire sex - appeale - but unfortunately it's a little weird and sick ;)
"Interview" is one of my favs ...sooo dark

Simon Agent 002 said...

Yes I heard of the movie and premise, but I didn't know she was in it.

jacknastygirl said...

Bloody Marvellous!

gr77 said...

interview with a vampire would be a great film if pitt and cruise weren't the leading actors.especially pitt was embarassingly bad.otherwise the direction was brilliant and kirsten was amazing.
i agree about elizabethtown,kendra.
it may not be a great film but not as bad as the reviews made it sound (i liked it better than garden state,which got far better reviews but i found too self-indulgent).it gave me a warm's one of my favourite kirsten performances too.she was so sweet and full of life!!

jacknastygirl said...

Kirsten was so amazing in "Interview with the Vampire" ...she was so great that she won some awards for that role ...perhaps this was her best performance,
she was really great there. Maybe sophia C. wanted to save a little of that charm and use it to "Marie Antoinette"
But that was the charm of young girl. And perhaps only Neil Jordan could create those atmosphere