WEIRDLAND: Serious Jake

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Serious Jake

Jake walking errands in Beverley Hills, 14th November, possibly annoyed at paps in the first picture. In the baseball cap picture he seemed to be shooting "Donnie Darko II".


penny lane said...

I think he does look annoyed and I don't really like to see this type of pictures of him. (Those long legs are nice though!).
(And Kendra, I feel kind of silly to be the first person once again to post a reply..! It is absolutely not my intention - I guess it is because we are in the same time-zone - *wink*)!

jacknastygirl said...

I have just been thinking about the same thing, Kendra!
WTF, is he real Donnie Darko? Maybe he is preparing for the role. I love it, anyway

gr77 said...

the look in his eyes is scaring me in these pics :p

Simon Agent 002 said...

IHJ is back to posting paparazzi pics?
It looks like he has flash bulbs going off in his face.
This whole candid photos thing is odd (to me)?
I still don't understand how they go onto the internet so timely and free?
Someone/s or some group is involved in their distribution.
And no photographer/s are following him taking these for free either.

Anonymous said...

Simon, take a look at sites like or and you will see how the paps work on all the celebs. It isn't just Jake. Then they post them on their websites and then they make money on all the hits they get and they have advertisers all over their sites. So the more they take pics and the more hits they get makes them get more advertisers, etc. Plus, not to mention blogs like Perez Hilton, etc.

Anonymous said...

And IHJ never said it wouldn't post pap pics, just less of them. Although Jake looks none to thrilled in some of these pics.