Monday, November 20, 2006

Young Date

"Palm Desert, CA (FV Newswire) - In celebration of National Singles Week, September 17-23, It’s Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals, has released statistics from its Annual Report on Dating about singles, dating and age. According to a survey of 3,571 singles 76% of women date men that are at least 5 years older than them, while 80% of men date women that are at least 5 years younger than them.

“A lot of women that date older men are looking for stability and maturity,” said Alana Beyer, Vice President of It’s Just Lunch. “They want someone that is settled in their career, is a good care-taker and is serious about finding a significant other. Regardless of whether singles are dating someone older or younger 67% think 1-5 years is a practical age difference between couples.”

Of the 18% of men who prefer to date women that are older, 6% admit to having dated a single, older friend of their parents. When asked if they could date an older celebrity, 34% of men said their celebrity of choice would be Annette Benning, another 22% chose Diane Keaton. 62% of women said they would date Harrison Ford.

When asked which younger celebrity they would date,
26% of women chose Orlando Bloom,

24% said Jake Gyllenhaal and another
23% chose Nick Lachey. When posed with the same question,
33% of men said they would date Jessica Alba,

while Scarlett Johansson and
Jessica Simpson came in tied at 21%."
Source: FinanceVisor


gr77 said...

orlando bloom?i don't get it!!

Nathália said...

I'm the webmistress of Lovely & Amazing [ ] and I just stopped by to say we're moving! Please, update the URL on the affiliates page!
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Thanks a lot.

Kendra said...

Thanks for the warning, Nathália! Right now I'm gonna make the link change, glad to keep in your company of Jake's orbit ;)

Kendra said...

I don't get Orlando's appeal either, gr77. Only in a few pictures I find him a real "beau".

Carol said...

Orlando is gorgeous, sexy, kind and most of all a true gentleman.

Anonymous said...


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I have no idea how this happened. I went hope last night, tried to access my blog, and realised that someone had changed the URL. So I went into my blogger account (surprisingly, the person who changed my account did not change any other settings apart from deleting my entire profile), and the URL had been changed to So all my blog entries have moved to this new addy.
I’m very surprised that whoever did this merely changed my URL and didn’t do more. Quite nice for a hacker, some might say. Uh. Not me. Anyway, I’m now extremely tired, furious and annoyed, and have changed it to the simplest URL that I can: I would be very grateful if you’d update all your links from your blog and favourites with this new URL, because it’s mine.
As I said, I’m extremely irritated and I would deeply appreciate your co-operation. Also delete this mysticdollarredemption link now because I have nothing to do with the contents with that blog. I’m like, really pissed off.

Thanks, Emma.

vanzmotorbike said...

Seems a strange way to celebrate National 'Singles' Week, pontificating on all this relationship information about who wants to be with who..?

U think?

Kendra said...

Don't worry, Emma, maybe someday we bloggers should write a catastrophist essay about blogger, hackers and lost passwords. I haven't changed Jake Weird to Beta version in cause of deep fear. I'll fix your link.

Vanz: I concur it's a strange thing to celebrate being single if you're rooting for a date. Reading these stats makes me feel that I've dated too little...

Anonymous said...

It's just whatever's popular publicly isn't it though? People just say the first star's name that they think of that's likeable. If they really knew these people they might not be as keen.

Not that there's anything wrong with them but the HW lifestyle is very different from regular people's lives. I think it would be tough to date a star and stay sane!