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Friday, September 07, 2007

From L.A. to Toronto

"A fellow journalist just informed me that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are scaling back their Toronto publicity for Oscar hopeful Rendition (the movie is Gavin Hood's follow-up to Oscar-winning Tsotsi, about a man yanked off a plane in the U.S. and shipped off overseas, where he can be tortured for information in connection with a terrorist attack). Seems the two actors — part of an impressive ensemble that includes Alan Arkin, Meryl Streep and Peter Sarsgaard — have canceled one-on-ones and will only be doing the press conference. Read into that what you will.
UPDATE: New Line publicity informs me that Reese and Jake will be doing a "handful" of one-on-ones, though they have been scaling back on plans". —Posted by Peter Debruge. Source:
"Rendition’s thought-provoking chronological structure particularly distinguishes the film. Narrative strands that seem to be moving linearly are suddenly woven in a brilliant series of loops suggestive of the sad reality of violence – that it only ever leads to more violence. The cast, which also includes Peter Sarsgaard and Alan Arkin, is tremendous: Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal passionately embody an American conscience waking up to the vileness of acts committed in their name, while Streep is quietly ferocious as the matronly governmental face that glosses over these same despicable crimes". Source:

"Today Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted leaving Toronto's premier 5 star hotel, the Hazelton Hotel on Yorkville Avenue. And I know this because I saw him! I couldn't get a photo - it was so quick but nevertheless a wonderful moment".
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September 4 - Visiting a Medical office in LA. September 4 - Dinner at Jar Steakhouse in LA.

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"When the Toronto International Film Festival comes around, I do pretty much the same stuff — it’s just 10 times as much work every day (on a side note, if you have any pressing questions for Jake Gyllenhaal, feel free to post them in the comments section below, as I’ll be interviewing him tomorrow).

It’s not unusual for me to go through the entire memory card of my dictaphone twice and fill up four or five notebooks with my scrawled observations about Rachel Weisz’s unflattering top, Elijah Wood’s surprisingly cute and un-hobbit-like demeanor or the wilted salad ChloĆ« Sevigny was eating for lunch".


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gr77 said...

It looks like Jake and Reese will be doing some one on one interviews.
It's a good thing because a film like "Rendition" needs all the promotion it can get

Kendra said...

It's been a very easy vote choice, anonymous!

gr77: Waiting for a good read soon of a promotional interview about "Rendition".