WEIRDLAND: My "Zodiac" Video

Monday, September 24, 2007

My "Zodiac" Video


gr77 said...

I recently saw "Zodiac".Amazing film,it must be seen in the cinema.
The direction is so brilliant in some scenes,I couldn't beleive my eyes.I always loved Fincher but he outdid himself with "Zodiac".
I still can't get the second murder scene (by the lake) out of my head.The tv show scene was also perfectly done.
I know most people were bored by it but that's because they expected a typical Hollywood psycho killer film."Zodiac" is more complex than that.

What surprised me about it was Jake's and Mark's performances.I expected to like Robert more but Jake and Mark were better and more convincing imo.Robert was a bit over the top.
I'm really proud of Jake!!

gr77 said...

I forgot to add that the song they picked,"Hurdy Gurdy Man", was perfect.
I guess my love for the film is more than evident :p

Kendra said...

Robert Downey Jr's character wasn't too sympathetic to the viewer's perspective. And a bit over the top as you've said too. He seemed to be bitter all the time, even before the case escaped from their control. But Mark Ruffalo was the character one could relate the most, and Jake surprised me, simply watching him again in some scenes made me remember his wonderful job as Robert Graysmith.

gr77 said...

I agree about Robert's character,Kendra.It was written in a "cartoon" sort of way