Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TIFF 2007 Parade

Jake Gyllenhaal.Michael Caine.Sean Penn.Matt Damon.Charlize Theron.Ryan Gosling.Evan Rachel Wood.Abbie Cornish.Cate Blanchett and Abbie Cornish.James McAvoy and Keira Knightley.Jena Malone.Mark Ruffalo.


Anonymous said...

Vanessa didn't just respond to us in her blog, her "Gyllenhaalic-inspired" questions to Jake made it into the National Post of Canada:

gr77 said...

Wow..thank anonymous.

Interesting set of photos,Kendra.
I'm sorry to say but Ryan looks really,really horrible.
Kiera's dress on the other hand is lovely

Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

Thank you a lot, anonymous for giving us this link, you're very kind: The Gyllenhaalics are finally given a voice, Vanessa Farquharson - National Post.

gr77: This isn't the best look of Ryan but I found him pretty nice.