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Friday, October 19, 2007

Rendition's interview & review quotes

TeenHollywood: Well, do you think this is a hopeful movie especially since your character makes the moral choice?

Jake: "It's very simple. I think if he weren't an analyst [for the CIA], I think the decision would be very different. But it comes to this [the rendition policy] doesn't work. This particular situation, it doesn't work. We always say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' but we never say 'if it's broken, don't use it' or 'if it doesn't work, don't use it'. I think that's kind of the decision he makes. I don't think this is a heroic move. This was a very practical move".

TeenHollywood: Reese, this is pretty serious subject matter based on real happenings. Why should audiences see this movie?
Reese: "I think it's a film that has a lot of different, wonderful elements to it. There is definitely a romance to it. There are thriller aspects. It's not just a film about a message. I think it's a movie that asks a lot of questions and it really makes you think about a lot of the practices that are going on nowadays and whether or not they are legal or ethical or even constitutional".

"For a role deliberately devoid of charisma, the always stellar Gyllenhaal turns in a powerful performance".

"There's some poetic pleasure to be had from watching Gyllenhaal drink and brood his way to a moral awakening..."

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gr77 said...

I don't think the film has any chance of box office success (at least in the U.S) but I'm glad Jake had the opportunity to test himself to a different kind of part and the results/reviews he has got are mostly positive