WEIRDLAND: Reese in "S.F.W."

Monday, October 08, 2007

Reese in "S.F.W."

"(The release of S.F.W. was postponed until 1995, some say because of thematic similarities to "Natural Born Killers". Whatever the real reason, the delay didn't help at the box office. The film grossed less than $100,000.)
[...] Ironically, the very same quality which made Spab a total loser in society makes him a hero in a hostage crisis. Just as he defied his teachers, parents, and employers and made himself a nobody without a future, he now defies the abductors, and makes himself a hero! Mimicking his nihilism becomes trendy. His catch-phrase of "So Fuckin' What?" is on everyone's lips as well as their t-shirts.

Imagine his surprise and confusion when the hostage crisis ends and he finds out that the people who used to ridicule him now hold him up as an icon because they admire the very same attitude they used to despise. Seeing this hypocrisy makes him have even less respect for people than he used to, but that in turn makes the people he despises love him even more! Attitude, man! He wants to escape from the people who want to apotheosize him, but he also needs to ward off the vultures and profiteers who want to help him cash in on his fifteen minutes of apotheosis". Source:

"I really think that Reese Witherspoon was great in the small bits we got to see her in, and it is too bad they did not focus more on that character". Source:

Let's watch a younger Reese Witherspoon in this failed but "bizarro" film "S.F.W." ("So Fucking What" - 1994) directed by Jefery Levery in a video montage I've made with scenes of the film: (and don't miss Tobey Maguire playing a slacker teenager).


gr77 said...

I can't beleive how young Reese and Toby look in this!!

The film looks very interesting

Kendra said...

Tobey's character is brief but very hilarious!