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Friday, February 15, 2008

Holden Caulfield, Donnie Darko, Juno

"A boy can't deal with real people, so instead he befriends a giant, grotesque rabbit"."Donnie hardly recognizes himself: Plagued by fits of sleepwalking and vivid hallucinations of a six-foot metallic rabbit with monstrous teeth, he feels totally out of control, unable to decipher what is real. Panicked by the world around him and terrified of being alone, he finds himself unable to connect with other people. [...] A contemporary Holden Caulfield, he alternates between kindness and cruelty, boldness and fear, hope and despair. The film never sugarcoats its protagonist's failings, and Gyllenhaal doesn't sweeten the portrait, revealing a rebellious teenager so rude to his mother, we cringe".

"Juno has become a bona fide phenomenon — a rare cultural touchstone for millions of young female moviegoers". "Girls haven't had that sort of character before. We don't have our Catcher in the Rye" -Ellen Page. Source:
"Jason Reitman's Juno is a gem. It does for film what J D Salinger's Catcher In The Rye did for literature back in the late Fifties. Both are vivid portraits of adolescents: the former a girl, Juno MacGuff, superbly played by Ellen Page, the latter a boy, Holden Caulfield. Both are highly critical of the society in which they live and have trouble fitting in with the accepted activities of their peers and elders". "She's also keen on Bleeker (Michael Cera), a fellow student in her class who is a bit of a misfit. He's highly intelligent, makes an effort to join in with the jocks on their sporting activities, but doesn't appear to have any close friends amongst them".

Source:"Juno’s character is the most interesting thing about the movie. She is written as a feminine Holden Caulfield; highly pessimistic of the world around her and critical of a number of things. For the most part, she is an outcast at her school but by her own will and at the same time, to paraphrase her, she is the nerdy dream girl of a jock or two". Source:"Think Holden Caulfield, only female and pregnant. That’s Juno MacGuff". Source:
"According to the scooper, the film will largely focus on the relationship between the titular Jennifer, a high-school sex bomb and all around homecoming queen type who is also possessed by satanic forces -- there's a real 80s vibe, apparently -- and her best friend, called Needy. Needy slowly starts to realize that something is seriously wrong with Jennifer, since the boys she goes out with don't come back. But enough about the story -- what's the critique? According to the source, the script is an "oddly-paced, slightly incoherent horror comedy. This is trying too hard to be some genre-smashing cult hit like Donnie Darko..." Source:

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