WEIRDLAND: Michael Cera Video

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michael Cera Video

I really like Michael Cera. I'm revisiting some of his old episodes in the TV sitcom "Arrested Development" and I'm pleasantly surprised of his comedic talent and intuitiveness. He's my geek-crush, weirdos, his awkward smile makes him sweet, unassuming and even naïve, but however keeping at the same time a mysterious gaze beyond his years.


Xenia said...

I've not seen Juno yet but I'm gonna watch it as soon as it will released here in Italy.
I think I'm gonna like this Michael Cera too...

Kendra said...

I think you'll like Michael Cera's performance as Paulie Bleeker in "Juno". I watched last weekend here in Spain and I also watched it in original English, it's difficult translate all this script to another language, but it's a great story.