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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wristcutters Video


"The film is deliciously dark, but a morbid premise doesn't stop "Wristcutters" from being uplifting at the same time. Director Dukic has constructed his love story with such a wonderful balance of dark humor and empathy. The film's characters have come to the lowest points in their lives, and one cannot help but feel both their despair and their joy at discovering that there is still hope. The most beautiful thing about "Wristcutters" is that the emotions it provokes seem to come, not from the film, but from within the viewer's own soul. Knowing that Zia's life and his capacity to love have not ended with death makes it impossible, despite all expectations, not to smile".

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love_4books said...

Wristcutters is a great example of adaptation of story to film. What a film and what a story!!
I have loved Edgar Keret from the moment he started writing stories and can recommend his collection of short stories "The Busdriver Who Wanted to Be God" (Toby Press $12.95)to anyone. The last story in this volume "Kneller's Happy Campers" is the story that Wristcutters was based upon. If you like reading even half as much as you like watching movies: Enjoy!