WEIRDLAND: Rising Reese

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rising Reese

"Penelope"´s photoshoop.
I like flowery dresses and shirts on Reese.
Jake and Reese, both wearing their shades again.


Xenia said...

Well, i'm not so fond of Reese...not because of Jake,I've never been, it's just that she's not exactly the type of woman I'd find irresistible...:)

But now I feel like I can't dislike her you know, she's Jake's girlfriend and WTH, she's like family! :)

RC said...

penelope seems like an interesting film. interesting photo shoot outfit. it works.

Kendra said...

I found Reese more attractive in her 20's but yeah, you aren't supposed to dislike America's sweetheart AND Jake's sweetheart!

RC: I want to watch "Penelope" soon, but sadly it doesn't have any release date in Spain yet... It seems a twisted fairy tale story with an interesting casting: (Ricci, James McAvoy, Witherspoon) and it's getting a good rating.