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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Double entendres

"After telling George Sr. that George Michael doesn't want to be seen with him, George Sr. refutes his allegation by citing George Michael's girlfriend Ann as true cause for embarrassment. Instead of taking offense or coming back with some wry comment, Michael is taken out of his train of thought and concedes that even he doesn't know what the story behind that is". -Justin
"What’s so brilliant about "Arrested Development" is that they make you care about the characters but are still willing to fuck with you because you care. George Michael and Maeby kiss in the pilot episode, but it’s pretty meaningless. By the time they finally kiss in “Righteous Brothers”, the last episode of the second season, it’s been a long time coming. You so want George Michael and Maeby to be able to express their feelings for one another, and then they do, and it’s just as beautifully awkward as anything else in the series; I know of no other show that’s ever been on television that’s been so evasive about something like the possibility that the main romantic arc of the show may be incestuous". -Kyle

Maeby: Hey, do you remember that French movie we tried to sneak into once. You know, Dangerous Cousins?George Michael Bluth: Oh, no, that's not her kind of thing. I mean, if it maintains any of the complex eroticism of the French original...I like the way they think.

Tim Goodman of "The San Francisco Chronicle" called "Les cousins dangereux": “a ‘relative’ masterpiece of complex eroticism".
"I like the way they think" -George Michael first made this comment about the French in "My Mother The Car" episode, as he remembered the kissing cousins in "Les cousins dangereux", whose remake Maeby was currently overseeing for Tantamount Studio, where she had conned her way.
"Michael and his friend, Clark, have set up a faux Production Company called "Pure Gold Dynamite". "In the style of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Clark and Michael" follows a now-basic formula for the sophisticated adult sitcom —awkward showbiz hi-jinks mixed with unpredictable improvisation. Add to that a faux reality show premise in which a camera crew tracks our awkward, delusional duo and with three deceptively simple ingredients you’ve got a hilarious, hilarious show". Source:

-Do you think George Michael will ultimately end up with Anne?
-I think Anne's out of the picture. -So it's either Maeby or loneliness.

-The thing that blows my mind about it is that it's a 50 or so year old guy ["Youth in Revolt"s author C.D. Payne] writing about teenagers beating off together. It's totally filthy, yet totally smart at the same time, which, again, relates back to what “Arrested Development” does.

-Michael Cera: Exactly. All it takes to capture people is to go really low-brow but hide it with smart talk". Source:

As a famous example of low-brow disguised in pop culture: Serge Gainsbourg wrote a sexually sly song ‘Les Sucettes’ (1966) for the pop star France Gall, which she thought was about sucking lollipops:

"I'm not very fond of poetry in general, but I appreciate reading Serge Gainsbourg's lyrics because of the games he plays with words, the tone of the words" -Fran├žoise Hardy.

"Twisp’s overblown literary voice is one that pours intense diction out of its pores, fueled by intellectual pretension, Woody Allen-like punch lines and sexual double entendres."From his best friends, estranged father with a 19-year-old girlfriend and the both brainy and beautiful Sheeni Saunders herself, Youth In Revolt’s plethora of colorful characters - from even the most minor - are impossible to forget".

"Recently, I've been watching "Clark and Michael". If you're a fan of dark surreal nerd comedy like "Arrested Development" or "Superbad", this might be something you'll really enjoy".

"I enjoy LA much more than I used to".
"I love how it’s almost like a dreamworld".
"However, gradually we begin to realize that Pilgrim's reality is not quite our reality. A girl he becomes obsessed with uses "subspace highways" to travel through people's dreams (including Pilgrim's) to deliver packages for (this all takes place in Toronto). Bands are capable of playing songs that knock the entire audience unconscious. [...] Scott Pilgrim is neither typical boys' fiction or typical girls' fiction, but incorporates elements of both". Source:

"How I Met Michael Cera: Mr Edgar Wright, his brother Oscar, cowriter Michael Bacall and I met up in Toronto in June 2007. We were talking about the script, I was showing them the original locations, etcetera. We went to the CN Tower and then we met with Michael Cera. We ate sushi and saw "Live Free Or Die Hard". (When you hang out with Edgar Wright, you will be watching movies.) I was passing around some pages from Vol 4 while we waited for the movie to come on. The "Superbad" trailer played, and people around us were like "oh my god it's that guy".

Anyway, that's all. Since then, I think he's been making movies like every single day. And the casting took a year to go from a gleam in Edgar's eye to an on-paper reality".

"Maidstone" (1970) was Norman Mailer's third movie. As far as he was concerned, this was the film that would finally erase the boundaries between fiction and truth, "the surface of reality and the less visible surface of psychological reality".
"An actor's finest acting happens off-camera"

-Michael Cera to Brian M. Palmer.

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