WEIRDLAND: Monkey and iMurders!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monkey and iMurders!

"Bobby Stork, a beer guzzling widower, runs into his old friend MARK VAN HOUTEN, an out of work doctor who has resorted to making crystal meth to pay the bills. Bobby discusses Mark’s problem with their mutual friends LAITH RUKKAB, an uptight guy who’s packed on a few pounds but somehow lucked into landing a pretty girl friend and HUTTO, a soon-to-be father and the most together out of the four. The friends decide to give Mark the throwing stars they played with as kids to bring him back to reality. The throwing stars that were meant to bring Mark back to reality end up leading each member of the group to realizations about their own lives".

Watch "Who's your monkey" trailer

"If you want to see a good and enjoyable comedy before “Harold and Kumar,” “Baby Mama,” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” check out “Who’s Your Monkey” if it’s playing near you".
"With his crosshairs squarely aimed at generation MySpace, writer/director Robbie Bryan has finally called it a wrap on his suspense-chiller IMURDERS (from which he sent us the first pics above and below). The movie, which we first told you about here, centers on eight on-line chat room participants within a MySpace-like site who are being knocked off one by one".


"The onscreen scares will be more Agatha Christie than Argento, Bryan notes, though he claims that there are elements to please hardcore horror fans as well. “Our amazing makeup man, Josh Turi, did a stellar job,” he says. “The effects make for some really gruesome, hair-raising moments. There aren’t many, but that handful should make the gorehounds very happy.” Of course, the film’s noteworthy cast, which includes CANDYMAN’s Tony Todd (top photo below, with Brooke Lewis), Gabrielle (CRAZY EIGHTS) Anwar, Billy Dee (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) Williams, Charles Durning and William (HALLOWEEN) Forsythe, should be enough to entice genre fans. Working with such a diverse ensemble, Bryan says, “It was interesting meshing the different personalities and acting styles, but thrilling to be working with name actors for all but one of the 21 days of filming.

A mysterious love triangle leads to a tragic shooting. Months later, eight members of a Myspace-esque chat room are being gruesomely murdered in the privacy of their own homes. Having now completed the IMURDERS shoot, Bryan reflects on the time spent". —Kiran Aditham

Check out the Mega Red Carpet Contest (a t-shirt giveway contest and the director and some of the cast attending Fangoria's Horror Con at the Meadowlands Sheraton June 30th-July 1st) in:

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