WEIRDLAND: Nerdy glasses, Awkward love

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nerdy glasses, Awkward love


"Inside the room only an image, her cruor cherry mouth.
Her ardorous heart, undated red daisy, is flying so low,
her ancestors burned all that garbage written by A. Ward,
and all your friends warned you she was a little awkward.
Her ardorous heart, undated red daisy, is flying so low,
Hey [dude], invite her to put her petals off right now,
She longs to do exquisite things to you in the night,
She knows that you dreamed in secret holding her tight.
The classy enemies won’t separate your story,
Since in her arms you’ll find all your glory.
You are on the brink of talking to her,
Don't fear her fierce dancing, look at her shy eyes!
So don't be lazy and decipher her lies!
She’ll need so much love you’ll beg for a rest...
Waking the next morning you’ll feel like a man,
She gave you something nobody else can.
Thereafter, you won't let her leave,
And thereafter you won’t forget taking your meds.
She started to scream 'til your cheeks turned red.
She is so luscious, seraphic and so round the bend
You will soon take up a new awkward blend."


Xenia said...

Nice to see you,Kendra, nerdy glasses and all! :)

Kendra said...

I use to wear glasses (not so nerdy) sometimes to read. :)