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Sunday, May 04, 2008

New affiliate Michael Cera Source

Michael was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive for 2007. Source: michaelcerasource.netJake was chosen the 10th sexiest man alive in 2006.

"My mom says that I'll alway be a perpetual teenager, and I hope she is right about it. [...] So highschool is like an embryo of how your adult life probably will develop. It's the time you secretly begin to take notes in your mind about things you didn't suspect they existed" -read the whole sappy post in Rian Johnson's forum. I wrote these lines and I still feel almost the same that I explained then, maybe those jv years marked me so hard that after watching "Brick" I developed a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, remember? and now, well, we have umpteen videos being uploaded by me dedicated to Mike Cera, so let's see, it seems to me this can be called a new crush in Weirdland. Kendra is in love again after watching two "high-school" movies as "Superbad" and "Juno", which partially were about pre-college days, both starred by Michael Cera. I resisted at first (mainly because he's way younger than me -although don't be fooled, my mental maturity is far away from my age- so that balances things a bit, k?)

This canadian blonde guy Mr. Awkward Character reminds me of my high-school crush with whom I shared my little luxurious world at the time, he conquered my insouciant teen soul when he played -he actioned the play button- in a secret session a song that tuned my heart (although my heart got hurt in the process). Just in the moment we (very shyly) started to dance together I had this crazy thought of when the peak of the song would come maybe I couldn't stand it, that's why I was hurt, I was afraid of that moment coming, that could become real, because I realised maybe no other moment, no other song, no other person would make me feel so crazy, so hurt, so beautiful... and there was a kiss -you forget all when that moment of the song (the tower of song) and that kiss collision in your mind- my thoughts melted, because not only that irreal moment (immarcessible, inmesurable in time) mustn't be true, I couldn't be true either.

how many times does the dull mute soundtrack outside of weirdland make me remember that song that melts my thought, that dissolves my fears?



Xenia said...

Oh Kendra, I think I can relate to your feelings...

My 'crush' aka obsession aka whatever you want to call it for Jake started 2 years and a half ago and it struck me imeediately as the desire and need of Youth and Health and Beauty that often (very often actually) failed me...

And sometimes I ask to myself: do you think you can be delirious and conscious at the same time? Yes I do, and sometimes in the process I get to be happy too.

But I today we salute a new 'crush' in Weirdland and it's all good...:)

Kendra said...

do you think you can be delirious and conscious at the same time?

this is really a good question, I don't the answer to it yet ;)
crushes come and go as they say, although it's difficult they dissappear completely from your imagination. Hence Jake Weird's longevity :)

Kendra said...

As I was saying, I don't know the answer but this is interesting to ponder about...