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Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogcritics in Amazon Kindle

Keep on Bloggin' in the Free World
2:17 PM PDT, July 10, 2008, updated at 2:22 PM PDT, July 10
"We have recently added a slew (I love the word slew and use it liberally and with great enthusiasm. How much cole slaw would you like? A slew, a slew of slaw, please) of blogs to Kindle. As of today, you can download and keep updated with these popular favorites:

Gothamist: where else can you read about cakes spiked with Dulcolax alongside the results of New York's harrowing tap-water-taste test? Many other cities are available under Gothamist's umbrella, including Seattlest, Bostonist, and Chicagoist.

Also available as of today are the Blogcritics blogs. Being the tech geeks and bookworms we are on the Kindle Team, our personal favorites are Books and Science and Technology".


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