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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dark Knight's reviews

"Heath Ledger. What can be said about his performance? It’s absolutely magnetic. You can not take your eyes off of him in this movie. He is the definitive Joker now. His theatricality, insanity barely in check, his brains, the mystery of the character. He’s written to perfection and Ledger takes it a step beyond with his unhinged and frightening performance. The Joker embodies anarchy and he never once contradicts himself.

I guarantee you this right now. You will never forget his magic trick.

Bale is once again great as Bruce Wayne, but like I said the movie isn’t really Bruce/Bats centric. He’s all over the movie and a driving force, no doubt, but the overall story really does belong to Harvey Dent.

Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman are great, as usual. As is Michael Caine, who gets some really great stuff in this flick. I loved hearing a little bit about Alfred’s past, which… let’s just say it’s not a typical butler’s past.
NEW YORK - JULY 14: Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard arrive at the world premiere of 'The Dark Knight' at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - IMAX on July 14, 2008 in New York City.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is Rachel Dawes. There was never a moment where I lamented the break in continuity from the first movie. And this is coming from someone who liked Katie Holmes in BEGINS.

I will say that the writing in this is as good as anything the Nolans have written. Seriously. The subtlety in how they handle The Joker’s origins (“Wanna know how I got these scars?”) gives us a deep insight into the diseased brain while at the same time not betraying the mystery. You’ll see how they do it when you see the flick... but it's fantastic, completely true to who the Joker is.

Mark my words: Ledger will be nominated, Wally Pfister will be nominated, Chris Nolan will be nominated for direction, Jonathan and Chris Nolan for script and if the movie Gods are feeling kind early next year we might even see a Best Picture nom".


"Ledger's family - his father Kim, sister Kate and mother Sally Bell - reportedly attended, alongside the stars of the latest Batman movie.

Ledger's former girlfriend, Naomi Watts, and her partner Liev Schreiber also reportedly attended.

Ledger's co-stars heaped praise on his portrayal of the psychopathic villain, The Joker.

British actor Michael Caine, who plays Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred, repeated his belief that at the very least Ledger should receive a best supporting actor nomination.

"My favourite part of the film is the opening monologue of Heath Ledger as The Joker, it's one of the best close-ups I've ever seen in my life,'' Caine said on the red carpet.

"He was a young actor and this is his moment. I mean, he did Brokeback Mountain which was fine and he never got the Oscar.

"He's going to get the Oscar for this.'' Another co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal praised his performance.

"He's so good in the movie. I mean really remarkable,'' she said.

"But even before this movie he really had an effect on people.''

Co-star Aaron Eckhart said: "I'm especially happy for Heath, and sad he's not with us tonight. But we're going to honour him in this movie. He's huge.''

"I can only speak superlatives of Ledger, who is mad-crazy-blazing brilliant as the Joker,'' wrote Rolling Stone's film critic Pete Travers.

"If there's a movement to get him the first posthumous Oscar since Peter Finch won for 1976's Network, sign me up,'' Travers added.

Sam Rubin, a respected entertainment correspondent for Los Angeles KTLA network, said Ledger would "absolutely be nominated for an Oscar, and at this point in the year is a hands-down favourite to win it posthumously''.

"Ledger offers perfect pitch, perfect tone, his Joker hits all the right notes,'' Rubin added.

The 81st Academy Awards will be held in Hollywood on February 22".

"Working with Heath was fantastic," said Christian Bale, 34, who reprises his role as the Caped Crusader. "He steals the movie and I'm quite happy to say that. He's a hell of a talent and created a joker that's very iconic and one that will become a classic portrayal of the ages."

Michael Caine, 75, who plays butler Alfred Pennyworth in the film, which opens July 18, noted the "intensity and ferocity of the performance."

"But when we were sitting down between takes, he was completely ordinary," Caine added. "He wasn't preparing himself or saying 'Please leave me alone, I've gotta do this.' Instead he was talking to me.

"We would sit and chat and have a cup of coffee, then suddenly they'd say, 'We're ready, Heath,' and he'd go straight into The Joker," Caine continued. "His energy was astonishing, especially when it came from this kind of calm. He's certainly the best villain I've ever seen."

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Xenia said...

Thanks Kendra for this post.
The movie will be out in Italian theatres on 23rd of July, I'm gonna watch it even if I'm sure that the dubbing will be unbearable...

Speaking of Heath's Joker, for what I've watched on line about the movie, I think that what is really great about him is that you never think about a cartoon while you're watching him. He leads you to think that, at the end of the day, he is human after all, just like us.

Kendra said...

I agree Heath has this human quality that makes him believable in his performances, and scary in this case as the Joker, I think his will be superior to Jack Nicholson's histrionic Joker.