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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lou Reed and company

You have to know Lou Reed was maybe my first teenage crush (on par with James Dean, Matthew Broderick in "Ferris Bueller's day off" and a long etc.) Always protected behind his sunglasses and his skeptical rictus, he had a deadpan quality that seduced me into listening to his songs; in back-alley terms, he wrote about people, as Lester Bangs observed "about whom nobody else gives a shit". So I'd like to compare him with some of my current crushes (Jake, Michael Cera and Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Jake in a photoshoot for "Dazed & Confused Magazine". Michael Cera in "Clark & Michael" series.Also I'd compare Michael with Jon Arbuckle, the friend of Garfield, isn't he exactly as Bleeker in this vignette?

But coming back to Mr. Reed, Joe Gordon-Levitt as Brendan was cold as a frozen hell:In these pictures below, they are in company of attractive women (blonde and red-haired ladies):Lou Reed with Deborah Harry.

"I love women, I think they're great. They're a solace to the world in a terrible state" -Lou Reed lyics in "Women".Alison Lohman and Jake.
"The most important job for a man is to find the right woman"
-Jake Gyllenhaal. Michael Cera and Aviva.
"One thing I like to do is respecting women" -Michael Cera.Isla Fisher and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
“Few things are more erotic than a woman speaking in a French accent.” -Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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