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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebs wearing T-shirts

"Hollywood celebrities are choosing to wear their addictions on their sleeve - - well, close to their sleeve. A brand new apparel company has designed a collection of t-shirts touting addictions to Facebook, MySpace, Google, Alcoholics Anonymous., therapy, sex and yes, even porn. And they've become a huge overnight hit!

Two entrepreneurs, Andy Behrman and Glenn Shelhamer, inspired by their own addiction to the Facebook phenomenon sweeping the country today, have designed a collection of t-shirts which give people the choice to freely announce their addictions, in the hope of ridding themselves of the stigma associated with it.

The collection of t-shirts was introduced earlier this month at and no sooner was Jake Gyllenhaal seen wearing a Facebook Addict t-shirt - - the back of the shirt read: "stealing your friends" - - at Yas Yoga in Venice, California. This spotting made a splash in the New York Daily News and New York Magazine and the company was flooded with orders from around the world.

Colin Farrell was seen at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica, California, wearing a Sex Addict t-shirt, Russell Crowe was seen at a rugby game in Sydney, Australia wearing an A. A. Addict t-shirt and Zac Efron was wearing his Facebook Addict t-shirt at Crave restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California.

We knew that our design and price point of $28 per t-shirt was a winner", says Shelhamer. "No designers - - including Armani, Gucci and Prada have introduced such a playful collection of apparel," Behrman adds. "We're excited by the response and the collection hasn't even shipped to retail outlets across the country," says Shelhamer".

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