WEIRDLAND: Congressman Michael Burgess interview

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Congressman Michael Burgess interview

"Topics ranged from healthcare reform and the economic crisis to the commuter rail lines in Texas. Congressman Burgess also proposed tax cuts as a remedy for the nation's economic woes.

“We've seen this before, we saw it with Kennedy, we saw it with Reagan, we saw it with Bush in 2003”, said Burgess in the interview. “You want the economy to hum, you help the people who actually make it work in the first place. And that would be… the place I would start.”

When the subject of health care reform came up, the Congressman spoke about his views on what the American people were concerned with in regards to the implementation of universal health care.

“If Medicare is the model for reform aren't we obligated to get it right first before we expand it to other populations?” asked Burgess.

Burgess believes that instead of national health care that Congress ought to be focused on the affordability of private health care.

“Affordability is really the central issue when we talk about health care”, said Burgess.

Burgess believes the universal health care run by the government would result in millions of Americans losing their health care that he believes they prefer".


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