WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal vs James Franco

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jake Gyllenhaal vs James Franco

James Franco transformed into poet Allen Ginsberg on the set of his new movie Howl in NYC.

"Body of Work:
Franco was in Freaks and Geeks (which earns him a lifetime of goodwill in the halls of the SportSquee Bunker) and has the Spider-Man franchise under his belt. And this year he showed his range with buzz-worthy roles as the calming, loving partner of Harvey Milk and the needy stoner in Pineapple Express.And he won a Golden Globe for playing James Dean! However, he has a string of excremental films on his resume, such as Annapolis, Flyboys, and, Deuces Wild. Gyllenhaal, for me at least, will always be best remembered for the criminally underrated October Sky. He has some hifalutin films to his credit, like Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain. But... Bubble Boy.
Advantage: Even
Body: Franco is long and lean. 
Gyllenhaal is all broad and brawny. At least he was in Jarhead.
Advantage: Gyllenhaal

Facets: Both fellas have shown a cool hand at comedy as well as drama. Franco's bit with Seth Rogen at the Academy Awards this year was by far the most memorable moment of the telecast. And Gyllenhaal's cameo in SNL's "Iran" digital short was one of the funniest moments of last season. Franco has a Golden Globe for for a dramatic role. Gyllenhaal has an Oscar nomination. No, not for October Sky. I was surprised by that, too. It's a really good movie, you guys.
Advantage: Even

Face: Franco's face, though sometimes an unflattering shade of hipster sallow, is pretty perfect.
I mean, he played James Dean, who had as perfect a face as has been measured. Gyllenhaal... well to me, it's always looked like he had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Lovely eyes, lovely smile, but a little buttery in the face.
Advantage: Franco

October Sky vs. Freaks and Geeks: Ok, since we can't sort this out in the conventional way, and we have to get on with the Round of 32 voting, it seems that this contest will come down to which of the two candidates signature work is more awesome.
October Sky is an unpretentious feel-good drama about a group of misfits in a West Virginia coal-mining town who work together to build a rocket. It's based on a true story and is unabashedly sentimental yet never schmaltzy. And when you're hungover on a Saturday and it's on USA, suddenly your hangover doesn't seem so bad any more. It's a warm hand-crocheted afghan of a movie. It's like a blueberry pie cooling on your windowsill. It's like some other kind of Americana-based metaphor I can't think of right now. Meanwhile, Freaks and Geeks was rude, sardonic, painful, and little-seen. And funny as fuck. A show about high schoolers in the 80's is completely timeless despite the period costumes. No show has ever cut to the heart of being a teenager with absolutely no saccharine. It's all embarrassing and hilarious and true-to-life. and pumped with the finally-appreciated humor of Judd Apatow. All of the actors from this show are filling out all of the hit comedies of the past few years, if that tells you anything about it's quality". Source:


Dianna said...

FRANCO!! - All the way!! (

Kendra said...

I remember you, Dianna!
I'm glad of seeing you here again, and being your big passion James Franco it's easy to understand that you agree with most of the post. Of course my choice is Jake. I think Jake is way more dreamy and has more childlike charm than anyone. Although James deserves some of my infatuation, too.