WEIRDLAND: Jake is quite goofy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jake is quite goofy

"Comedy actor NICK FROST, who beds his fair share of women in the movie, says he was happy to do naked scenes.

“I take my pants off and voila – we’re ready to roll,” he said.

“I played rugby for many years so it's par for the course. You have to take your kit off in front of 30 men, which is essentially what a film shoot is.”

And he enjoyed the sex scenes with the gorgeous GEMMA ARTERTON.
“Easiest day's work I ever did,” he laughed. “But I like to think of myself as a gentleman so it’s not just getting off with beautiful women. It’s another actor that you have to respect – so you have to brush your teeth and wear deodorant!”

The actors shot many of the scenes on a small boat off the coast of Weymouth and lived together on board for four days before filming.

“We were only on the boat for four days – and it smelt very badly,” revealed Nick. “It did after we left anyway.”

Bond girl Gemma, who looked frozen to the core in a skimpy off the shoulder dress, has recently been filming Prince of Persia and revealed that co-star JAKE GYLLENHAAL has a silly side.
“He’s such a lovely guy”, she said. “He’s quite goofy, always messing around and trying to make everyone laugh on set. Not bad to look at either, which always makes the day easier.”

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