WEIRDLAND: Jake, Ryan, Natalie, etc.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jake, Ryan, Natalie, etc.

Jake Gyllenhaal dating Natalie Portman.
"Star Wars actress Natalie Portman has recently told reporters that she would never marry. The 26 year old star, who's dating fashion designer Nathan Bogle said that she does not need a piece of paper to prove her love. She confirmed that she was not into
Monogamy but was not really into the whole walking down the aisle thing."

"Rachel allegedly moved on first, into the arms of hottie Josh Lucas. Now LainyGossip is reporting that Ryan Gosling has got someone on the down-low… Natalie Portman!

From what I’ve seen of Natalie Portman’s dating record, Ryan would definitely be a step up. But that’s what makes me question Lainey’s report. Natalie seems to go for the vegan-rock-star-hipster types like “Venezuelan folk singer” Devandra Banhart. Natalie seems to be strangely similar to Drew Barrymore in her taste in men. Which makes me think that a clean-cut, Oscar-nominated Canadian heartthrob might overwhelm her." 

Jake dating Kirsten Dunst.
Ryan Gosling with Kirsten Dunst in "All Good Things" On Set, New York, June 25th 2008.

"Ryan Gosling doesn’t crack a smile at the Los Angeles premiere of Sugar held at the Silver Screen Theater at the Pacific Design Center on Wednesday (March 18) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Sugar stars Algenis Perez Soto and will have a limited release on April 3rd.
Gosling’s next movie, All Good Things, is set to be released in July, where he stars alongside Kirsten Dunst.Rachel McAdams, Gosling’s ex, has started dating Josh Lucas, and have been spotted together in her hometown of Toronto."

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