WEIRDLAND: Jake shopping and with Global Green USA

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jake shopping and with Global Green USA

Jake shopping in Beverly Hills, on 26th March. Pictures courtesy of

Jake sported a red and white buttoned plaid shirt, jeans and a black derby hat.

Jake has joined forces with Global Green USA, attending the the launch of National Green Schools Initiative last month, building a garden during Green Service Day at Manual Arts High School.

Talking about Global Green, Jake tells: “What I learned is that something like this is possible. There are so many things that I’ve thought of [including making] gardens like this. I had always thought this is possible on a mass scale. This is possible within a massive city like Los Angeles!”

Green Schools Initiative: Day of Service with Jake Gyllenhaal (Short)


rosadimaggio63 said...

I love this man !!!

Anonymous said...

Great video. Jake always makes me smile - such a gracious man he is too!
Penny Lane

Xenia said...

Could someone tell me how is it possible to be so attracted to a man you don't even know?
Just a thought...
Beautiful and thoughtful Jake in this video of course, how not to love him?

A great week-end to my lovely Kendra and all the weirdos.:)

Kendra said...

I always say there are tons of hunks and sexy boys out there, but Jake has that special sensitive thing that constantly draws me to Jake. Although I don't know him personally he's so familiar to us :)

Happy weekend, Rosa, Penny Lane and Xenia! xoxo