WEIRDLAND: Jet engines

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jet engines

Seeing these pics of Jake at the Bourget Airport, you can notice the spirals in the private jet engines. It caught my eye, because it's a kind of dejà vu of the jet engine that mysteriously fell over the bedroom of Donnie Darko in the beggining and the end of the film."Point B is the point at which an airplane engine lands on Donnie Darko's house. It is also the point at which the tangent universe begins. It is unclear as to why or how the tangent universe begins, but in the main timeline Donnie is killed, while in the tangent universe, Donnie is sort of called out of his room by a mysterious force and thus is not killed by the engine. As the movie goes, shortly after point C, the entire universe (I assume this includes the main timeline as well) is destroyed". Source:


Rosadimaggio63 said...

il nostro adorato Jake è di ritorno negli U.S.
Per un breve lasso di spazio temporale, lo abbiamo avuto fra di noi...ed è stato bello saperlo sotto il nostro stesso cielo.-
Difficilmente ci sono attori così potenti nella recitazione che sanno donarci delle emozioni reali guardando un film.-
Fantastico e leggendario il suo Brokeback mountain...
Caro Jake, facci ancora sognare !

Kendra said...

yes, Rosa, for a brief time you had Jake under your italian sky, and he'll probably go back to your country in the future. And Jake will keep make us dream ;)