WEIRDLAND: Joaquin Phoenix's curious behaviour

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix's curious behaviour

Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger speak on stage during a TV break at the 78th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre on 5th March, 2006 in Hollywood.
"Joaquin Phoenix’s curious behaviour shifted up a gear in the early hours of this morning when he was dragged away by security guards after leaping from a nightclub stage to confront a heckler.

The 34-year-old, who recently announced he had given up acting to become a hip-hop artist, stopped rapping after a man in the audience of the Miami Beach club disturbed him.

"We have a f****** a******* in the audience", Phoenix announced.

“"I've got a million f***** dollars in my f***** bank account. What have you got?" he taunted before jumping from the Miami Beach stage and heading for the man.

The two were face-to-face when security guards caught up with Phoenix, dragging him on to the stage and then escorting him off through the wings.Phoenix, who has been nominated for two Oscars, kept the crowd waiting until 2am before he appeared. Many of his fans had been there since the doors to The Fontainebleau hotel's nightclub, Liv, opened at 10pm.

He walked on stage smoking a cigarette and sporting the dishevelled look that he has favoured since giving up acting".


Joaquin Phoenix arrives at LIV Nightclub at Fontainebleau before his hip-pop performance at the venue on Wednesday (March 11) in Miami, Florida.

"The 34-year-old actor/rapper jumped off stage in the middle of a performance at the club to confront someone who was heckling his rapping. “We have a (double expletive) in the audience. I’ve got a $1 million in the bank. What have you got?,” Joaquin said before jumping into the crowd.

Security guards had to separate the two and then dragged Joaquin away". Source:

Joaquin Phoenix on The David Letterman Show in promotion of his latest movie, "Two Lovers":


coffee fan said...

Joaquin Phoenix has an interesting sense of humor in any case

Kendra said...

Welcome to Weirdland, Coffe fan, yes, I hope it's just a phase in Joaquin's career and he comes back to his senses!