WEIRDLAND: Kristen Stewart at "Adventureland" premiere

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kristen Stewart at "Adventureland" premiere

Kristen Stewart in an orange with black strips backless Hervé Leger dress, at the premiere of Adventureland held at the Mann Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood on 16th March.
"Adventureland", this totally cute and angst-filled (which K does so well) comedy, focuses on Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg’s effed-up romance. Jesse, the new Michael Cera btw, plays an awkward virgin, whereas K is more of the dark, know-it-all gal. So are they both like that in real life?

“Not at all,” chimed J. “She’s the awkward one,” when it comes to love, he joked about his costar. But what does Kristen have to say?
Laughing in agreement, K added, “I think my character had no concept of what she wanted,” which apparently is so not like Stewart.“She [Stewart’s Adventureland character] feigns that she’s very fine and self-sufficient," K blabbed. "She realizes too late she can get over her hang-ups and be good to herself—she is kind of self-loathing and doesn’t treat herself well.”

God, Ms. Gets All the Hot Guys, we hope you’re not like that then. “Oh no! I love myself,” she admitted proudly, laughing.


rosadimaggio63 said...

In quale posto ora si trova JGy ?
Il jet privato a chi appartine ?
E' suo o di Reese ?

Kendra said...

It seems our Jakey has attended recently a yoga class and took his shirt off to wipe down his chest at Yas in Venice, California, stay tuned, Rosa!