WEIRDLAND: Pics of people who make me feel good

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pics of people who make me feel good

Beside of your warm company, dear Weirdos, whose appreciation I cherish immensely, there are some persons in my life whom I want to dedicate this post. Thank you for supporting me through thin and thick!

This is not a personal picture of Penny Lane, our wonderful Guest Star in Weirdland, but a gift she so generously sent me a few days ago: the hardcover book edition of "Edie: An American Biography", thank you a lot, Penny Lane!

Vanessa and me making a calimotxo brindis.Between my friends Vanessa and Adelaida.My friend Vanessa is a pussycat doll. Her name is spelled with double "s" but someone wrote it only with one "s" (behind her, on the wall!) She got riled up!My friend Adelaida sporting a Halloween wig.
Me with my friend and school partner Yoli.With my friend Yolanda at my grandmother's house.
My husband, my father and me at my cousin's wedding.
My brother with me at my wedding day.José Luis and me: the lovebirds.José Luis posing as Lou Reed in "New York" album.José Luis in Tarragona.
This pic should belong to Myspace's naughty snaps, but some of my friends insisted on posting it here.


rosadimaggio63 said...

Uao....bello tuo marito !!
kendra sei molto bella quando sorridi.-
Un bacio e a questa sera.-

Kendra said...

thank you very much, Rosa!!
I have been through a lot of negative nonsense lately and I needed to put some perspective here.

I'll tell my husband you find him molto bello, lol


Gail said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE Pictures of you and your friends. And hey I'm an old Girl and I think Your Dad is good looking. Your blonde/red hair is great but I prefer dark haired Kendra. And oh those curls and cleavage yet. Thank You so much, that was fun.

Kendra said...

thank you very much, Gail, glad of seeing you popping up in Weirdland again!

I download a scanner software in HP technical site and my scanner is working out (cross my fingers), the pictures don't have a high quality (they aren't revealed digitally) but I'm happy of your words, Gail. I know my hair is better in its natural dark brown (the red/blonde was just a phase), I'll say to my father he's still a looker, lol

rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Kendra,
in Italia adesso sono le 20.22 e dopo una giornata di duro lavoro, navigare un pò nel web mi rilassa tantissimo...
La tua famiglia è molto bella, sei molto fortunata di avere tuo padre, il mio è morto nel 1997 e mia madre nel 2001...quindi quando vedo foto di famiglia mi commuovo sempre tanto....
Mi piacerebbe tanto conoscerti, perchè sembri una ragazza tanto simpatica e solare !
Io ho 45 anni e la mia vita è stata sempre molto tragica, ma sopravvivo nonostante tanti dolori...
se vuoi scrivermi nel privato, sarei molto felice...
Approposito, io mi chiamo Myriam.-

Kendra said...

Nice to meet you, Myriam!
I'm really sorry of hearing about your parents' loss, Myriam, poor thing, I send you my condolences, although it was time ago. I know for experience how hard is one of your family is gone forever, and it pains me knowing that your life is far from being rosey, although if you think of it, who really has it a perfect life? Maybe Reese W, lol (well, not even her, because although she's lucky now of having Jake, she had bad times with her marriage/divorce with Mr. Phillips.
And I'll be pleased of writing you if someday I have the need to borrow a friendly ear like yours.
My email address is in my profile.


clairex said...

your husband Jose Luis is cute, and you look sexy in the last picture!

Kendra said...

thank you a lot, Claire, my husband must feel a bit like Jake right now, lol, although he doesn't like to pose for photos that much.

rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Kendra,
scusami, ma non riesco ad entrare nella tua e-mail tramite il tuo profilo.-
La tua e-mail non si apre...
puoi mandarmi la tua e-mail tramite la mia e-mail ?
baci My.-

Kendra said...

my email is: