WEIRDLAND: Jennifer's Body - Official TV Spot # 1

Monday, September 07, 2009

Jennifer's Body - Official TV Spot # 1

New 30-second TV spot as seen on MTV of "Jennifer's Body".

Credit to

"Apparently a song was submitted for the soundtrack that was intended to be used for the end credits. Once again in the 1980's vein, it actually contained the title of the film and had been dubbed the JENNIFER'S BODY "Anthem". After being well-received by the filmmakers, ultimately FOX decided to assign total control of the soundtrack to Fueled by Ramen and the song ended up as a lost submission. After speaking with a friend of mine that does quite a bit of work in the television side of things in Vancouver, she told me that the song had definitely been making the rounds and that word on the street was a local band called THE MYSTERY SCHOOL was the source of the track". Source:

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