WEIRDLAND: Jennifer's Body new clip + Jennifer's Body song

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jennifer's Body new clip + Jennifer's Body song

"It's just two short weeks before 20th Century Fox unleashes Jennifer's Body on a curious public so expect to be seeing lots more of Megan Fox's body promoting the flick. But for the ladies in the room who might be curious about the men in the film, the powers-that-be have finally decided to reveal a bit more about one of them: The Haunting in Connecticut and NOES 2010's Kyle Gallner.

In the following exclusive clip from MTV, we see a visit to meet Jennifer turn deadly for Colin, the unsuspecting teen portrayed by Gallner".

Listen to
"Jennifer's Body" song, written by Hole/Courtney Love from "Live through this" album (1994), which gives title to "Jennifer's Body" film.

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