WEIRDLAND: Studying Robert Pattinson's body language towards Kristen Stewart

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Studying Robert Pattinson's body language towards Kristen Stewart

“[Rob] likes [Kristen] more than she likes him” Dr. Lillian Glass tells of these shots taken May 5 in Chicago, Ill. Adding, “He is beyond taken by her – she brings out the best in his appearance because he looks relaxed and taken with her.”
A second body language expert agrees that Rob, 24, is more obvious about his feelings toward Kristen, 21, than she is to him.
“Rob has the hand in the pocket with the thumb out, that is a sexual position in men —the thumb goes towards the genital area. It says, ‘I am a man and want to be recognized for my dominate sexuality. I’m the alpha — this one’s mine”, Patti Wood explains to us. “He is doing a slight lean toward her but there is still a lot of space. Kristen is closed and neutral.”

New Twilight saga "Eclipse" promotional posters featuring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, Kellan Lutz, Xavier Samuel

"Sparkly vampires, a forced love story with manufactured chemistry between three dull and uninterested looking stars all trying to out pose each other, an unsympathetic lead character that likes to cock tease a werewolf, and source material that decided to throw out literary conventions in favor of… well, sucking. And yet the books have sold more copies than a civilized society can rationally explain, and the movies have made enough money to justify our extinction as a society.
So why is this on our list of movies we hope don’t suck? Because somehow, somewhere, odds are that someone will make us watch it. A girlfriend, a young family member, someone that won a bet and hates you, etc. So we hope that it doesn’t suck for entirely selfish reasons. The fourth and final installment is already guaranteed (and will possibly be split into two movies), so it doesn’t matter. Even if the movie lost money, even if the movie is worse than Battlefield Earth, even if it is so bad that moviegoers begin to spontaneously combust rather than endure any more, there will be another Twilight movie. So we hope it doesn’t suck because we are already screwed". Source:


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