WEIRDLAND: Ben Stiller (You're a Heartbreaker/Playboy) video

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ben Stiller (You're a Heartbreaker/Playboy) video

A musical video featuring some scenes and stills from films starred by Ben Stiller: Permanent Midnight (with Maria Bello), Mystery Men (with Claire Forlani), Keeping the Faith (with Jenna Elfman), The Zero Effect (with Angela Featherstone), Reality Bites (with Wynona Ryder), Flirting with disaster (with Tea Leoni and Patricia Arquette), Meet the parents (with Teri Polo), Duplex (with Drew Barrymore), The Heartbreak Kid (with Malin Akerman), Envy (with Rachel Weisz), Night at the Museum (with Carla Gugino and Amy Adams), Greenberg (with Greta Gerwig), etc.

Songs "Playboy" by The Marvelettes, "You're A Heartbreaker" by Elvis Presley and "He's sure the boy I love" by The Crystals.

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