WEIRDLAND: Ben Stiller's movie scenes video

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ben Stiller's movie scenes video

A video featuring some scenes starred by Ben Stiller in "Permanent Midnight" (with Maria Bello), "The Zero Effect" (with Angela Featherstone), "There is something about Mary" (with Cameron Diaz), "Zoolander" (with Christine Taylor), "The Heartbreak kid" (with Malin Akerman and Michelle Monaghan), "Meet the parents" (with Teri Polo), "Night at the museum" (with Carla Gugino), "Tropic Thunder" (with Robert Downey Jr.), "Greenberg" (with Greta Gerwig), etc.

Songs "The Tale Of The Horney Frog" by The Flaming Lips and "Take Em Or Leave Em" by Amy Venegas.

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