WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal and Isabel Lucas spotted together

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal and Isabel Lucas spotted together

"They may have been keen to keep their relationship under wraps at first – but now heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal and Aussie beauty Isabel Lucas have well and truly let the cat out the bag!Isabel Lucas in "Vanity Fair" magazine 2009 (outtake)

The hot new couple didn’t seem to care who saw them smooching during a steamy night out at Montreal’s GoGo Lounge.
Isabel Lucas attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Calvin Klein Front Row Fall 2010

“Jake and Isabel were all over each other. And she was definitely the aggressor. Jake actually looked a little uneasy when Isabel did a mock lap dance then suddenly shoved him off his chair and under the table, obviously wanting a little privacy while she worked her magic.”

And with the Hollywood hunk’s impressive new bod, we don’t really blame her!

Jake Gyllenhaal at Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time UK Premiere on 9th May, 2010

After rigorous training for his role in ‘Prince Of Persia’ the BAFTA award winner has a brand new set of abs that could rival Taylor Lautner’s".


Gail said...

Hello Kendra, I think this is good news. Jake needs love just like the rest of us. I want him to be happy in love. Hope you had a good week end....Hugs

Kendra said...

I spent this weekend cleaning the house, and then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, thanks, Gail!

as you say, it'd be good that Jake jumps on the flirting bandwagon again :)