WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal staring at a girl's behind during Lakers game

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal staring at a girl's behind during Lakers game

Jake Gyllenhaal had great seats at last nights Lakers vs. Celtics game -- but by the way he stretched his neck to check out this taut tush ... it seems dude was more interested by the action in the stands. Source:

Isn't a bit boring being always fixated on the basketball course during the game? I emphatize with Jake and his sight deviation towards round surfaces, which reminded me of these lyrics from a hysteric Lou Reed's song:

"You said that you were very vexed
You told me to forget about sex
You said you liked me for my mind
Well, I really love your behind

Oh, get up and boogie, oh baby, get up and dance
Oh, get, get, get, get up and boogie, baby, oh, get up and dance
Shake your booty, mama, oh, get up and dance"
-So Alone" lyrics by Lou Reed


Amatrix said...

Almost made watching the game worth it.
Nice post!!!

what a joke said...

Too bad Jake Gyllenhaal is gay as a goose.

Kendra said...

thanks a lot, Amatrix, haha you know my brother does the same than Jake in the football games!!

Eva said...

he is so obviously not gay! Peolpe keep saying he is.. but come on! He played a gay role, it doesn't actually mean he is gay.. and the way he's looking at her ass would make you think otherwise!

Kendra said...

welcome to Weirdland, Eva! your words sound so refreshing (which will be a surprise for all of those who think only a PR team can support Jake as a guy who likes girls!)