WEIRDLAND: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams coy about dating rumors

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams coy about dating rumors

Michelle Williams And Ryan Gosling Still Coy About Dating Rumors:
"Despite the fact that they have had many months and approximately one billion press junkets to clear it up, apparently rumors that Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are dating are exactly what the Blue Valentine stars are aiming for. In an interview airing tonight on ABC News Nightline, host Cynthia McFadden straight-out asked Michelle and Ryan if they are romantically entangled. The answer they gave is half-middle-school, half-mime, and totally unsatisfying.
First Ryan whistled and looked around, pretending as if he hadn’t heard the question. People can see you through the television screen, Gosling! Michelle just grinned silently while Ryan, after calling Williams a “sexy cowboy,” drapes his arm around her and shakes his head while grinning smugly. Whaaa? If we were Gosling’s other alleged girlfriend Blake Lively, we wouldn’t know if we should storm out of Ryan’s life forever or write him a love note.
Unless… maybe that’s the idea? We swear, if this is just a ruse to get us to see Blue Valentine, then it is working perfectly!" Source:

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