WEIRDLAND: Charlie Sheen: difficult role in terms of cliches in "Lucas" (1986)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlie Sheen: difficult role in terms of cliches in "Lucas" (1986)

Charlie told ET he plays the "heroic, compassionate, nice guy of this film. It's interesting – it's the first film, or the first character, I've played that has no violence -- I don't show up on the set and I'm not handed a gun. It's pretty interesting."
Sporting a high school football uniform and shoulder pads, Charlie mused, "This is the exact type of role that I would have written for myself at this point in my career." Source:

Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green as Cappie and Maggie in "Lucas" (1986)

"Kerri Green, who was in "The Goonies", is so subtle and sensitive as Maggie that you realize she isn't just acting; she understands this character in her heart. As the football hero, Charlie Sheen in some ways has the most difficult role because we're primed to see him in terms of cliches -- the jock who comes along and wins the heart of the girl. Sheen doesn't even remotely play the character that way. It is a surprise to find that he loves Lucas, that he protects him from the goons at school, that although he has won Maggie away from Lucas, he cares very deeply about sparing the kid's feelings".

A scene from Movie "Lucas" (1986)

Original music by Dave Grusin (1986)
Arranged by Teemu Vehkala (2010)

Dave Grusin in a famous film composer who's soundtrack is a pure magic on this film.

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