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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Lovely & Amazing", bedroom vulnerability, more bed pictures

Jake Gyllenhaal as Jordan in "Lovely & Amazing" (2001)

"In 2002 I had the biggest crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, which meant I watched any and every film he appeared in. I could list each one off for you, dear reader, but I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. That fall when Lovely & Amazing was released to light critical buzz, I was there opening night when it finally opened in Dallas. Nothing, not even the rage-inducing Catherine Keener, was going to keep me from my man. While I don’t remember being particularly fond of Nicole Holofcener’s family drama, I do remember awkwardly squirming in my seat during some of the more invasive scenes.
Still of Dermot Mulroney and Emily Mortimer in "Lovely & Amazing"

This scene shook me to my core and affected the way I view bedroom vulnerability to this day. As I matured, I often used these two characters as examples of the men I didn’t want in my bed and the woman I never wanted to become. I have slipped up, just as any insecure person would, but following that naked confession I vowed to never make a lover feel he wasn’t sexy or appreciated in his most intimate of states. Insecurities are a fact of life, but I am committed to never be Elizabeth Marks to someone’s Kevin McCabe".

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