WEIRDLAND: Michelle Williams, Marilyn Monroe and Catherine Deneuve

Monday, April 25, 2011

Michelle Williams, Marilyn Monroe and Catherine Deneuve

Michelle Williams on the cover of Interview magazine, picture by Mikael Jansson, May 2011 issue

Michelle Williams wanted to fight Mike Tyson when she was a child.

The "Blue Valentine" star yearned to be a boxer when she was growing up and dreamed of lacing up the gloves and taking on the former heavyweight champion of the world.
She said: "First I wanted to be a boxer. I don't know why but I wanted to fight Mike Tyson. That was the dream". However, Michelle quickly realised her pugilistic ambition would not be realised and turned her focus to acting.
Michelle told Stylist magazine: "I started doing plays when I was eight. I always wanted to act. At 16, I moved away to Los Angeles. [Emancipation] is basically like divorcing them. You have to prove that you are emotionally and financially stable and independent. You have to have graduated high school and you have to prove that you can live alone."
"I did one commercial at first every six months and that was enough."
The 30-year-old actress is now enjoying a successful film career - which includes her taking on the role of screen icon Marilyn Monroe in upcoming movie "My Week with Marilyn" - and she insists she still has a strong work ethic". Source:

Lindsay Lohan as Lola, channelling her inner Marilyn Monroe, in "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" by Sara Sugarman (2004)

"Catherine Deneuve has revealed that she holds many of today's top actresses in great esteem.

Catherine Deneuve as Séverine Serizy in "Belle de jour" directed by Luis Buñuel in 1967

"I admire Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet", she said. "I like a lot of comedians. I like Cameron Diaz - she's funny and has a very light spirit. That's quite rare nowadays. There are many actresses I admire."
The two-time Academy Award nominee also revealed that Marilyn Monroe ranks as her favourite actress of all time.
She remarked: "Marilyn Monroe has my greatest admiration… She was able to do everything! I saw her as one of the best actresses; she could go from comedy to drama. Being great at both is very difficult. And she was so beautiful. On screen, it was like the light was coming from her." Source:

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