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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing with curious hair - fabulous heads

"I think, given what we know now about Wallace's depression, this story is grappling with whether or not happiness exists, and if so, if it is possible for happiness to exist without killing it -- consider, for instance, that the object/title of this story -- the happiness/obsession -- is the girl with curious hair, and that the story ends with Mr. Wonderful and Gimlet chasing the father/molester of the girl (who is sleeping his his arms) with a knife or pair of scissors, intent on separating the hair from the girl.

Gloria Grahame (born brunette) used to make her entrance on her screen scenes pouting and flipping her dirty hair

Hence Cheese desperately questioning Sick Puppy about the source of his apparent happiness, and the revelation we get in that his happiness exists only so long as he remains fully in the present, dissociated from his memories and, to some extent, dissociated from himself (drugs: though he claims they do not alter his consciousness, he is a bit unreliable). Here, his happiness begins to fade almost as soon as he becomes cognizant of it, just as Gimlet's enjoyment becomes something entirely other as she continues to fixate on, and obtaining, it". Source:

when I suffer from insomnia, I look for some David Foster Wallace's books, specially "Infinite Jest" is a mildly effective cure method.

Natalie Portman playing with her hair in Elle Magazine photoshoot, February 2011

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