WEIRDLAND: "Source Code" is a true and eloquent expression"

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Source Code" is a true and eloquent expression"

Jake Gyllenhaal in Iceland on 11th April 2011,
(c), & 66° North

"Jake Gyllenhaal plays an Army pilot who has been recruited for a special assignment. His consciousness has been projected into the body of one of the victims, so that he can look around, find out who blew up the train and head off another terrorist attack about to take place in Washington.
Like its protagonist, "Source Code" gets a lot done in a short time, and by the end of a concise and packed hour and a half, there's a sense of having completed a full journey. Vera Farmiga, as the officer conducting the experiment, nicely calibrates a soldier's path from cold efficiency to humanity, and Jeffrey Wright as the ambitious scientist behind the project creates a detailed portrait of a skewed soul. Meanwhile, Michelle Monaghan, as one of the unwitting victims of the tragedy, is lovely and vivid. The notion of a man's falling in love with a dead woman's shadow is a familiar motif in high art. It's no less potent in this crowd-pleasing picture.
The accuracy of the science must be left for someone else to gauge. But as an evocation of the grand desires of the spirit - and the painful distance between the simple things people search for and the things they actually find - "Source Code" is a true and eloquent expression". Source:

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