Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Nina Menkes's DISSOLUTION- TRAILER April 2011

Nina Menkes's DISSOLUTION- TRAILER April 2011
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“A sensory revelation” –Mark Peranson, Vancouver International Film Festival
"Didi Fire's performance is brilliant… Menkes's unclassifiable cinema, whose fascination lies in the interplay among characters, space, and filmmaker, is truly all her own. Extraordinary and original!"
--Chris Fujiwara, Boston Phoenix

"One of the year's top five films" - Barbara Wurm, Sight and Sound
“Dazzling!...A kind of existential film noir, rich in evocative imagery--its inspired, confounding final moments are as astonishing as they are precise.” – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"In the 25 years since her first feature, Magdalena Viraga, Nina Menkes has remained one of the few American directors working at feature length whose films — in both form and thought — are genuinely radical. Menkes' main preoccupation across her six films (including Phantom Love and her latest work, Dissolution, which screen at the Downtown Independent this week) is violence in all its forms, and her approach, oblique yet intuitive, has yielded results that have more to say on the subject than any American director since Peckinpah or Cassavetes." - Phil Coldiron, LA Weekly


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thanks :-)--nina menkes

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