WEIRDLAND: Warren Beatty will direct and star in Howard Hughes film

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warren Beatty will direct and star in Howard Hughes film

Billionaire tycoon Howard Hughes with actress Gene Tierney

"We heard on Monday that Warren Beatty made a deal with Paramount to produce, write, direct, and star in a new project after a decade-long hiatus from filmmaking. At the time, there were whispers this was the opportunity for Beatty to play legendary movie mogul Howard Hughes, a role the actor has long coveted.

American industrialist, aviator, and film producer Howard Hughes (1905 - 1976) sits with American actress and screen icon Ava Gardner (1922 - 1990) during an event in 1946.

Story details are still scarce, but Deadline hears this is indeed a Hughes-centric project that “involves an affair [Hughes] had with a young woman in the later years of his life.” Beatty’s script is not a biopic, per se. That is understandable, since Beatty is older now (74) than Hughes when he died (70). Deadline’s initial report suggested it may be a comedy.

Warren Beatty dated Natalie Wood in 1962

Beatty is going all out to assemble a supporting cast, meeting with Andrew Garfield, Alec Baldwin, Shia La Beouf, Jack Nicholson, Evan Rachel Wood, Rooney Mara, and wife Annette Bening (duh). Hughes had a lot of famous friends, and I encourage you to match this list of actors to their Old Hollywood counterparts in the comments. Given Beatty’s age, though, the film presumably takes place during Hughes’ recluse years — I do not know who kept him company at this stage in life. More after the jump:

Leonardo DiCaprio played Howard Hughes in "The AViator" (2004) directed by Martin Scorsese

Baldwin, of course, already played Pan Am founder Juan Trippe opposite a fictional Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) in The Aviator. Speaking of such conflict, how do you think Christopher Nolan — another filmmaker fascinated by the Hughes legend — feels about this development? Source:

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