WEIRDLAND: Dick Powell ("You Never Can Tell") video

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dick Powell ("You Never Can Tell") video

Peggy Dow and Dick Powell in "You Never Can Tell" (1951) directed by Lou Breslow

A video featuring stills of Dick Powell (in films "Murder, My Sweet", "Cry Danger", "Johnny O'Clock", "Cornered", "Pitfall", "Dames", "Station West", "Meet the People", "I want a divorce", "It happened tomorrow", "Christmas in July", "The bad and the beautiful", "Susan slept here", etc.) and co-stars, wives: Joan Blondell, June Allyson, Claire Trevor, Lizabeth Scott, Gloria Grahame, Rhonda Fleming, Anne Shirley, Linda Darnell, Ruby Keeler, Ellen Drew, Lucille Ball, Jane Greer, Debbie Reynolds, etc.)

Songs "You Never Can Tell" by Chuck Berry and "Paradise" by Helen Forrest

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