WEIRDLAND: Kyle Chandler (You're the Reason) video

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kyle Chandler (You're the Reason) video

Kyle Chandler (You're the Reason) video

-"It may have been wrapped in the arena of high school football, but it's really about mentoring, about people helping people." ~Kyle Chandler on Friday Night Lights

"Being a fair honest person is my best quality... and if I have a worst quality it is that I am indecisive when answering questions."

Mr. Chandler has brought to the role a mature sex appeal that is muted by a certain lugheadedness, portraying Coach Taylor as someone who doesn’t quite understand how it is that relationships have become so complicated, or why teenage girls don’t just want to dress like Pilgrims. Dialogue doesn’t coax him there. He conveys this all in his recurring look of dismay, one that suggests a man living on the outskirts of modernity but full of enough compassion to deal respectfully with the ones he loves when he’s overwhelmed. Mr. Chandler makes Taylor frustrating, kind, goofy, appealing, occasionally quick to temper and provocatively real. And amid all that, he’s found his own pulse. Source:

When Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton decided to drive from LA to Austin together to begin filming, producer Peter Berg was worried. “Connie and Kyle developed a very flirtatious, precocious relationship right off the bat. And Kyle, of course, is married,” he explained. “I was convinced they would be having some torrid affair by the time they reached Santa Fe and Kyle’s marriage would be over by the time they got to Austin. I was wrong about that, thank God.” Source:

On FNL, Britton and Kyle Chandler, who portrayed her husband, Coach Eric Taylor, created what may be both the best and the most realistic marriage ever seen on TV. Tami and Eric were a team, and so, professionally, were Britton and Chandler. Several times the two caravanned together, she in her car and he on his motorcycle, making a road trip of the drive to Austin, Texas, where FNL filmed, from their homes in L.A.

“Kyle and I shared the same point of view on how we wanted that marriage portrayed,” says Britton. “We said early on, ‘Don’t even try to write one of us having an affair because we’re not going to do it. We want to portray what most people who live in small towns do: They get together, live together, have good days and bad days. They make it work.’ ” Source:

"Listen honey, I don't know what to tell you," Britton told E! News' Kristin Dos Santos about the scrapped [FNL] movie. "At this point, I only have to defer to Pete Berg." But come on, Britton must have some form of blackmail to use on Berg, Chandler and the rest of the FNL gang in order to force them to gift the world with an FNL film, right?! "I have blackmail information on all of them," the Nashville star admitted. "I am just choosing the right moment to use it." Source:

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