Monday, April 21, 2008

The Prince of Persia

"Dreamy-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal, who's already a prince among his legion of fans, may be looking to play an actual prince in the upcoming action adventure PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME, the feature adaptation of the popular video game franchise of the same name. At least that's what the beautiful bastards over at "Latino Review" have uncovered. There's nothing official as yet, just an offer out to the sensitive man cake thesp but if there's any sort of official confirmation, we'll be sure to relay it to you. The story follows the titular prince as he journeys to find treasure using the "Dagger of Time" to control time itself. Jakey G can next be seen in the Jim Sheridan directed drama BROTHERS.

Extra Tidbit: Gyllenhaal has starred in 3 movies where he not only plays a real person, but the person who wrote the book upon which the film was based: Homer Hickham (OCTOBER SKY), Anthony Swofford (JARHEAD) and Robert Graysmith (ZODIAC).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mike Cera in "Veronica Mars" Video

Veronica: Okay. I'm Veronica. I'm from Neptune, and I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Dean: Oh, how'd that go?
Veronica: It was a bit of a letdown.
Dean: Hm, well, I don't believe that you're from Neptune.
Veronica: Wrong. Is that the end?
Dean: Um, okay well uh, my name is Dean. I'm from Whedon, Illinois. My father owns a Ford dealership, and I also shot a man in Reno, but it was *not* to watch him die. It was for... other issues.
Veronica: You're father doesn't sell Fords.
Dean: That's right, Toyotas, how did you know?
Veronica: It's all in the eyes.
Dean: Alright, well I guess I'll have to watch out for you next year.
Veronica: Oh, I won't be attending...
Dean: Alright, enough lies.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Emma Stone Video

Juno (Never Be Anyone Else But You) Video


"There'll never be anyone else
But you for me
Never ever be
Just couldn't be
Anyone else but you

If I could take my pick
Of all the girls I've ever known
Then I'd come and pick you
Out to be my very own

There'll never be anyone else
But you for me
Never ever be
Just couldn't be
Anyone else but you

A heart that's true and longs for you
Is all I have to give
All my love belongs to you
As long as I may live

There'll never be anyone else
But you for me
Never ever be
Just couldn't be
Anyone else but you

I never will forget the way you kiss me
And when we're not together
I wonder if you've missed me

'Cause I hope and pray
The day will come
When you belong to me
Then I'm gonna prove to you
How true my love can be

There'll never be anyone else
But you for me
Never ever be
Just couldn't be
Anyone else but you"

Clark & Michael Video

(from "Kerosene Hat" album by CRACKER) :

"All these cats with holey jeans, and dirty hair and titty rings,
Say what's your scene man, we got these questions. Is it true that you have sold your soul? I say hey man, I don't know
Lend me a quarter won't you, I'll call my accountant.

Let's get off this, and get on with it,
If you wanna change the world shut your mouth
and start to spin it
Get off this, get on with it
If you wanna change the world shut your mouth
and start this minute

Petty little Ayatollah come around to judge and stone ya
all we're trying to do is make a fortune
Yeah we ain't got no government loans, and no one sends
a check from home
And get this: we're just doin' what we wanna

Well the guitar player stayin' out in Hollywood and sayin'
He's just trying' to get some sleep, but everyone's complain'
Are you truly deeply cynical 'cause boy you know I loved you so
When no one knew your name and you were pompous still are.

Let's get off this, and get on with it,
If you wanna change the world shut yer mouth
and start to spin it
Get off this, get on with it
If you wanna change the world shut your mouth,
shut your mouth y'all"


Guitar feeling

Jake in the "Brothers" photoshoot.Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Hit Record 1" photoshoot.Michael Cera in "Juno".Patrick Fugit in Darcy Hemley's photoshoot.Kirsten Dunst in Art Striber's photoshoot.Scott Pilgrim and Ramona.Poison Ivy from The Cramps.Rivers Cuomo playing on stage.

Monday, April 14, 2008

(Come up and see me) Make me smile

Kirsten Dunst.Michael Cera in "Superbad".Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Stop Loss".Shannyn Sossamon in "The rules of attraction".Me with a red heart-necklace.Nora Zehetner in ABC's film "Princess".Emma Stone.Jake smiling.


"You've done it all, you've broken every code
And pulled the rebel to the floor
You spoilt the game, no matter what you say
For only metal - what a bore!
Blue eyes, blue eyes, how come you tell so many lies?

Come up and see me, make me smile
Or do what you want, run on wild

There's nothing left, all gone and run away
Maybe you'll tarry for a while
It's just a test, a game for us to play
Win or lose, it's hard to smile
Resist, resist, it's from yourself you have to hide

Come up and see me, make me smile
Or do what you want, run on wild

There ain't no more, you've taken everything
From my believe in Mother Earth
How can you ignore my faith in everything
When I know what Faith is and what it's worth
Away, away, and don't say maybe you'll try

Come up and see me, make me smile
Or do what you want, run on wild"

"(Come up and See me) Make me smile"
by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Young Male Stars

#9: JAKE GYLLENHAAL. "With a talent and instinct beyond his years, Jake Gyllenhaal proves an actor can be both a media celebrity and a critically acclaimed actor. Known for his antics on TV talk shows, Gyllenhaal has charmed his way into the hearts of American audiences. But the guy has international appeal and a following that could rival today’s biggest stars...Coming up: Starring with Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire in the highly-anticipated feature called Brothers.

# 8: BEN FOSTER. He's the star you love to hate. Ben Foster seems to prefer playing the bad guy that Hollywood has began to offer him just that- the evil villain! In his three recent films- 30 Days of Night, 3:10 to Yuma and Alpha Dog, Foster was relentless, vicious...Coming up: A lead role in Birds of America.

# 7: GASPARD ULLIEL. Representing the new wave of French leading men, Gaspard Ulliel has both the looks and the talent to make it big in the world stage. Nominated three times for Most Promising Male Newcomer at the C├ęsar Awards, the former male model's acting career is just taking off.Coming Up: 4 new productions for 2008, including an important role in Nikki Caro's The Vintner's Luck.

# 6: MICHAEL CERA. Comedy as they say is not for everyone. You need to be an extremely talented actor to make viewers laugh. But Michael Cera certainly can and it seems comedy is his forte. He is so good at it; he’s been cast in a number of upcoming high-profile comedic roles.

From playing George Michael Bluth in the offbeat Fox comedy Arrested Development to his more recent roles in Superbad and Juno (as Ellen Page’s partner, Paulie Bleeker), Cera is looking forward to more comedy, and fame of course.

Cera, along with Clark Duke, wrote and starred in a series of short videos released on their website. In 2007, they signed a deal with CBS Television to write, produce, direct, and act in a short-form comedy series entitled Clark and Michael. Coming up: Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, Youth in Revolt, Scott Pilgrim vs the world.

#5. JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT. After a hustling gig that turned violent, we see Neil (Gordon-Levitt) silently licking his wounds as he stared at his bruises and cuts, silently he cries – he must have realized he’s all alone and that there’s no one to help him or even listen to him…Coming Up: Stop Loss, Uncertainty, The Frog King and GI Joe.

# 4: EMILE HIRSCH. He is everybody’s dreamboy- young, gorgeous and handsome. As Sedgewick Bell in The Emperor’s Club he charmed his way into our hearts. But as Duncan in The Mudge Boy he brought in a certain vulnerability into his character that we’re utterly convinced he’s no ordinary young actor. Hirsch continues to amaze and at this moment, he is Hollywood’s most promising young lead actor.
Coming Up: Two upcoming high-profile movies- Milk now in pre-production where he plays Cleve Jones and Speed Racer in the title role.

# 3: JAMES MCAVOY. First ever winner of the Orange Rising star award, James McAvoy is already a big name in British cinema before he received acclaim for his role in The Last King of Scotland, opposite eventual Oscar winner, Forest Whitaker. Playing lead roles in not just 1 but 3 featured films this year- Starter for Ten, Becoming Jane, and Atonement- McAvoy is the star on the rise.Coming up: One of the busiest actors today, he will be seen next with Angelina Jolie in Wanted and opposite Christina Ricci in Penelope.

# 2. DANIEL BRUEHL. A driving force in European cinema, talented German actor Daniel Bruehl can speak fluent Spanish and English too! Perhaps even better than some of his British and American counterparts. Sought-after as a juror in prestigious film festivals, the 29 year old enjoys the advantage of being born in Barcelona and raised in Germany. Mainstream audiences would be surprised to know that Bruehl, who only got a supporting role in The Bourne Ultimatum, is already an award-winning actor, even more applauded than the movie’s lead. Latest Movies: Bruhl will play one of the leads in Julie Delphy’s period drama, The Countess. He is also in the cast of one big German production entitled Krabat.

# 1: RYAN GOSLING. He is the actor that even his peers talk about. He likes to play dark, disturbed characters, but he can also play romantic leads or be an innocent guy who fell in love with a life-size doll. Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling has come a long way from his Disney stint as one of its mousekeeters. Noted for his role in Lars and the real Girl, Gosling is once again making the list as one of the year’s best actors.After leaving the cast of The Lovely Bones, Gosling is being eyed to play Kurt Cobain in Courtney Love’s production about her former husband, the fallen Nirvana lead singer. Gosling & Kirsten Dunst are also set to star in new film "All Good Things", a period love story/murder mystery. He is also being eyed to play a younger version of Jack Ryan".

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pair of Sunglasses

Jake with Natalie Portman.Kirsten Dunst with Jake.Natalie Portman going out with Devendra Banhart.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Fantasy Corner

Jake & Jen Aniston in "The Good Girl" (2002) by Miguel Arteta.Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat in "Arrested Development".John Cusack & Ione Skye in "Say anything" (1989) by C. Crowe.

O: What defines a Cameron Crowe hero?

CC: The battered idealist. It's just my favorite character. I write it no matter what I do. It sort of comes from my upbringing. My mom would always say, "Be positive, be positive. It's rough out there, but don't succumb. Don't succumb to the cynicism in the world." To me, a hero is somebody who's able to accept the environment of the world, deal with the stuff that's thrown in their path—or, in Fast Times, the coffee that's thrown in their face—and somehow keep their heart. And I think there's a way to write a movie like that and a character like that without it being sentimental or Capra-esque in the worst way. Or, as Billy [Wilder] would say, [affects German accent] "Bad sentimentality!" I think sometimes good sentimentality is fun when it's balanced. You can have a bunch of people on a bus singing "Tiny Dancer" if you also have the brutal truth of the world represented. Because the way you battle the brutal truth of the world is to find that corner of the universe where maybe you get lost in a song and you do sing "Tiny Dancer." Which is embarrassing, and you don't want to look to your right or left, but you have that private moment. And when you're allowed to make a movie where you celebrate those private moments, you can't ask for more.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nerdy glasses, Awkward love


"Inside the room only an image, her cruor cherry mouth.
Her ardorous heart, undated red daisy, is flying so low,
her ancestors burned all that garbage written by A. Ward,
and all your friends warned you she was a little awkward.
Her ardorous heart, undated red daisy, is flying so low,
Hey [dude], invite her to put her petals off right now,
She longs to do exquisite things to you in the night,
She knows that you dreamed in secret holding her tight.
The classy enemies won’t separate your story,
Since in her arms you’ll find all your glory.
You are on the brink of talking to her,
Don't fear her fierce dancing, look at her shy eyes!
So don't be lazy and decipher her lies!
She’ll need so much love you’ll beg for a rest...
Waking the next morning you’ll feel like a man,
She gave you something nobody else can.
Thereafter, you won't let her leave,
And thereafter you won’t forget taking your meds.
She started to scream 'til your cheeks turned red.
She is so luscious, seraphic and so round the bend
You will soon take up a new awkward blend."

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nerdy Glasses

Today is Kurt Cobain's goodbye anniversary. I'm listening to "All apologies" and "Heart shaped box".Zooey Deschanel and her heart-shaped glasses.Johnny Depp.Clark Duke and his iconic glasses.Marilyn Monroes and her 50's glasses.Jason Schwarztman and Kirsten Dunst.Amanda Peet.Dana Delaney.Megan Fox.Tina Fey, screenwriter of "Mean Girls".Lindsay Lohan, "Mean Girls" star.Kate Winslet.
Scarlett Johansson.Rachel Bilson.Anne Hathaway.Jake and his Harry Potter's glasses.