Thursday, October 01, 2009

New couples, Old couples, Improbable couples

Jake Gyllenhaal kissing Natalie Portman in "Brothers".Chloe Sevigny and Jake Gyllenhaal at "Zodiac" premiere in Cannes, on 17th May 2007.
Marc Jacobs T shirt - Chloe Sevigny printed for “Protect The Skin You’re In” celebrity nude T-shirts skin cancer campaign by the NYU Cancer Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center, 2009.
Jake with Kirsten Dunst, at 79th Academy Awards, Vanity Fair Afterparty, 2003.

Jake with Reese Witherspoon at Vanity Fair Oscar party, on 22nd February 2009.Megan Fox on the cover of "Total Film" magazine as cheerleader Jennifer in "Jennifer's Body".Megan Fox when she dated David Gallagher at a Lakers game back in 2004.Brian Austin Green with Megan Fox.Mark Wahlberg with Megan Fox at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards afterparty.Kristen Stewart in Interview magazine photoshoot, October 2009.Kristen Stewart wears Christian Louboutin Feticha Pumps (see shoes detail below:)Robert Pattinson with Kristen Stewart in "Twilight".
Kristen Stewart when she dated Michael Angarano.Taylor Lautner with Kristen Stewart.Anton Yelchin with Kristen Stewart.Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt filming "500 days of Summer".Michael Cera and Ellen Page in "Juno".Ashton Kutcher marrying Demi Moore.Bruce Willis with Jessica Alba in "Sin City".Joaquin Phoenix with Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the line" (2005).Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman in "From the terrace" (1960).Piper Laurie and Paul Newman in "The Hustler".James Dean and Julie Harris in "East of Eden".Natalie Wood and James Dean in "Rebel withouth a cause" (1955).Natalie Portman and a lucky guy.Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Shulman. Zac Efron with Vanessa Hudgens in "High School Musical".Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano in "Gigantic".Amanda Seyfried and her boyfriend Domenic Cooper at the 81st Academy Awards, on 22nd February 2009. Amanda Seyfried with Adam Brody, at "Jennifer's Body" TIFF Premiere, on 10th September 2009.Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in "Ghost".
Eli Roth kissing Heather Matarazzo while shooting "Hostel 2".Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn before their break-up.Olivia Wilde and her husband Tao Ruspoli: a happy and Spanish culture loving couple.Diablo Cody and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Justin Timberlake is going to kiss Jessica Biel.Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly in "Blood Diamond".
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at"Revolutionary Road" L.A. premiere, on 15th December 2008.Cameron Diaz with Leonardo DiCaprio at the 6th Annual Golden Globes Awards party.
Cameron Diaz with Emile Hirsch, at the 6th Annual Golden Globes Awards party, on 15th January 2007.

Jake on the set of "Love & other drugs"

Jake Gyllenhaal running on The Set of 'Love And Other Drugs' in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 30th September 2009.

Look at the cameras they are using on the set of "Love and other drugs": Panavision. In Hollywood, Panavision became the industry leader with the appearance of the new Panaflex camera in 1973.

George Lucas with his Panavision set up."Jaws" was made one year before the introduction of the Steadicam and scenes on the water were shot by director of photography Bill Butler and his operator Michael Chapman with a hand-held Panaflex. They declined to use the Steadicam system for the shaky effect hand-helding creates.Steven Spielberg was fond of saying that "Jaws" was "the most expensive hand-held movie ever made". Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss bonded together in search of the Great White Shark filming in 35 mm Panavision anamorphic.

Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke" (1967).

"Cool Hand Luke is one of the great must-see Hollywood classics from the last Golden Age of filmmaking and one that deserves serious rediscovery.
The 1080p 2.35 X 1 digital High Definition image was shot in real anamorphic 35mm Panavision by the great Conrad L. Hall, A.S.C., who shot several of Newman’s Westerns and other great films like Fat City, Electra Glide In Blue and Road To Perdition and was a master of the scope frame". Source:
MA: "Oh, man. My honest answer is I wouldn't have changed a thing. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to turn out. We talked about trying to cast somebody who was a famous actor, and we realized that would just take away from the story we were trying to tell and it would be "it's that video with Jake Gyllenhaal and that guy" it would just be about that instead of being about the story.

WCT: So is that your roundabout way of saying "Jake Gyllenhaal?"
MA: That said, I definitely wouldn't have minded a few rehearsals with Jake Gyllenhaal. I definitely would have gone to those rehearsals". Source: