Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal - Special Screening of 'Prince of Persia'

Jake Gyllenhaal - Special Screening of 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' on 20th May, 2010. Pictures courtesy of Popsugar via

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jonathan Low - Vampire Weekend [Eclipse Official Soundtrack]

New song from the Eclipse soundtrack. Jonathan Low by Vampire Weekend. Make sure you pre-order your copy of the album and get the bonus tracks! Release date is June 8th!

Kristen Stewart, mad about Twitter

Kristen Stewart in Flaunt Magazine photoshoot (outtakes)

"She also talked about how “Twitter” makes her life crazy. When a fan showed up, she stated, “He was nice. He didn’t ask for a picture. That’s good, because then they go and Twitter them and then the paparazzi know where I am and they drive to my location and it gets crazy. Twitter f**ks me over every day of my life.
Kristen Stewart in Elle UK magazine photoshoot, July 2010

Because people go, ‘I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now’ and then they show up. I see people on their phones and I just want to take these cookies and throw them. It’s like ‘Get off your f**king phone and get a life!’ I get so mad. It’s like you’re trampling on someone’s life without any regard. And it’s rampant. Everyone can do it now. Buy a camera and you’re paparazzi; get a Twitter account and you’re an informant. It’s so annoying.”

New Clip from Twilight: Eclipse
Bella (Kristen Stewart) has a heart to heart with Rosalie (Nikki Reed who’s character actually has no heart!) about why she hates her so much.

Elle UK Behind The Cover - Kristen Stewart

Watch what happened behind the scenes on ELLE's cover shoot with Twilight star Kristen Stewart, plus hear what she has to say about her style...

Music: Jail La La by Dum Dum Girls

Jake Gyllenhaal's Big Birthday Surprise: I'm a Huge Fan!

Jake Gyllenhaal's Big Birthday Surprise: I'm a Huge Fan! Part 3

The big moment is finally here! In the final episode of I'm a Huge Fan, Jake and our contest winner sit down for their private one on one before the PopSugar screening of Disney's Prince of Persia. Amanda's birthday wish comes true when Jake surprises her with a cake and sings Happy Birthday to her!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ben Kingsley says Jake Gyllenhaal made himself vulnerable filming Prince of Persia

Jake Gyllenhaal on Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon

Jake Gyllenhaal told Jimmy Fallon how he was banned from Century City Mall for doing something with sparkly fuses. (Maybe, I’m not sure, I wasn’t really listening. I was too busy staring at his pinkie ring.) It was actually a nice change from listening to him talk about how hard it was for him to put on muscle for “Prince of Persia”, because everyone knows the absolute, do all end all, best way to get me to see your movie is to talk incessantly about how awesome your body looks in it.

SIR BEN KINGSLEY has heaped praise on Prince Of Persia's leading man, Jake Gyllenhaal.
The duo star in the Disney video game adaptation - in which Jake plays Prince Dastan and Sir Ben portrays his uncle Nizam - and the British legend described the US actor as "wonderful" because he can let his guard down.
Sir Ben Kingsley, Gemma Arterton and Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Jake is a great leading man to work with - he's wonderful to work with because he makes himself vulnerable," said the 66-year-old Gandhi star.

"For a strong young guy like that, not many of his American counterparts are vulnerable. They don't dare to be vulnerable because they think vulnerable is weak. It is not - to be vulnerable is to be very strong."

Jake Gyllenhaal on "The Early Show." (CBS)

Jake Gyllenhaal on The Early Show on May 27, 2010 in New York City

Maggie Rodriguez talks to Jake Gyllenhaal about his new film, "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time."

"I thought it was time to not take myself so seriously and enjoy myself. I read the script and it was a character that was just having a great time and was full of action and he was witty the whole time and just not taking himself too seriously", Gyllenhaal told Rodriguez".

You're Going to Meet Jake Gyllenhaal: I'm a Huge Fan! Part 2

Kat from PopSugar has been so kind of sending the part 2 of their Jake Gyllenhaal meets a fan video series, thank you very much! You’ll see the lucky winner Amanda getting a fab makeover from Jake’s stylist and Rachel Zoe’s makeup artist, then make her way over to Jake:
Picture Perfect for Meeting Jake: I'm a Huge Fan! Part 2

Amanda won our I'm a Huge Fan! contest for a chance to meet Jake Gyllenhaal at the PopSugar Screening of Disney's The Prince of Persia. In part two of the series Amanda gets camera-ready for Jake with the help of celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang and celebrity makeup and hair dream team Joey Maalouf and Theodore Leaf. The countdown for Jake begins!

Jake Gyllenhaal joking on prosthetic muscles

Jake Gyllenhaal Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on 26th May 2010.

"You know, the first 35-foot, 40-foot jump on a wire without much practice is scary," Jake said.
"It does just get fun and it gets, unfortunately, dangerously more and more fun, and then you want to do it without a wire and then you jump farther, and then everybody's flipping out and then you're getting phone calls from Jerry Bruckheimer, like, 'Please, this is why we have stunt men," Jake said.
To play the role, Jake needed to be in peek physical condition.

When Eyewitness News entertainment reporter George Pennacchio tried to throw him a curve ball, he caught it and threw it back with more comedy.

"The people who gave you these prosthetic muscles on your arms did a fantastic job," said George.

"We had an incredible crew of prosthetic people every day. I was in the chair from, you know, 3:30 in the morning until at least 6 in the morning. It was a three and a half hour process. You'll see the extras in the DVD", Jake joked".

Jake Gyllenhaal On Live With Regis & Kelly, Jimmy Fallon, etc.

Jake Gyllenhaal on Live With Regis & Kelly (5.26.10) (Part 1)

Jake Gyllenhaal On Live With Regis & Kelly (5.26.10) (Part 2)

Jake Gyllenhaal on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (5.26.10)

Bonnie Laufer from interviews Jake Gyllenhaal for the Prince of Persia. Do you wonder whom Jake would choose as a celebrity partner for The Amazing Race?

Ben Stiller in "Greenberg" (So Long/The Greatest Love)

A musical video featuring clips from "Greenberg", starred by Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, directed by Noah Baumbach.

Songs "So Long" and "The greatest love" by Lee Dorsey.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia Interview

Jake Gyllenhaal trained hard to get a rock solid body and bulging biceps to star in the action-packed adventure, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Gyllenhaal was up for the challenge of taking on his first larger than life character, based on one of his favorite childhood video games.

Tribute's Bonnie Laufer spoke with Gyllenhaal (who was in a very good and playful mood) exclusively about bringing out his inner child, his vigorous training schedule, what freaked him out on the set and who he would choose to be his partner if he were to go on "The Amazing Race." Youll be surprised!

Ben Stiller in "Permanent Midnight"

A video featuring scenes starred by Ben Stiller in "Permanent Midnight" (1998), with Maria Bello, Elizabeth Hurley, Janeane Garofalo, Peter Greene, etc.

Song "Worried about you" by The Rolling Stones

You're Going to Meet Jake Gyllenhaal: I'm a Huge Fan! Popsugar video

You're Going to Meet Jake Gyllenhaal: I'm a Huge Fan! Part 1

In part one of our latest installment of I'm a Huge Fan!, our lucky winner Amanda finds out she has won a trip to LA to meet Jake Gyllenhaal at an exclusive PopSugar Screening of Prince of Persia!

Jesse Eisenberg will star in "30 Minutes or Less"

Ruben Fleischer, Amber Heard and Jesse Eisenberg attending "Zombieland" Premiere in Los Angeles on 23rd September 2009

"Jesse Eisenberg is set to reteam with his "Zombieland" helmer Ruben Fleischer for MRC's "30 Minutes or Less."

Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari have already boarded the comedy, which will begin lensing in July in Michigan.

Based on a screenplay by Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan, story centers on two wannabe criminals who force a loser pizza delivery man to rob a bank in 30 minutes or less. Eisenberg will play the pizza delivery man.

Sony will release the pic Aug. 12, 2011.
Ben Stiller in "Greenberg" (2010), directed by Noah Baumbach.

Ben Stiller's Red Hour shingle is producing.

Jesse Eisenberg as Walt Berkman in The Squid and the Whale (2005)

Eisenberg, who broke out in Noah Baumbach's "The Squid and the Whale", has landed a number of high-profile comedy roles including Greg Mottola's "Superbad" follow-up "Adventureland." He next will be seen in David Fincher's "The Social Network."

Jesse Eisenberg has proven time and again he’s one to watch. The multi-vaceted actor stops through the studio to talk about how he keeps his head straight in the crazy business. Hosted by RJ Williams.
Another new interview with Jesse done by (Making of "Holy Rollers")

Jake Gyllenhaal on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jake Gyllenhaal on Jimmy Kimmel Live show on 25th May, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal on Jimmy Kimmel Live (5.25.10) (Part 1)

Jake Gyllenhaal On Jimmy Kimmel Live (5.25.10) (Part 2)

Kirsten Dunst arriving to Louis Vuitton’s newest boutique

Kirsten Dunst arriving to Louis Vuitton’s newest boutique - Bond Street Maison launch on New Bond Street in London on 25th May 2010.

Kristen Stewart in Elle UK magazine photoshoot

Scans of Kristen Stewart in Elle UK magazine, July 2010.